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Episode 005 – Listen Now!

Episode 005: What is the importance of the discovery process?
The eCom Life Podcast is back! In this episode, Rupert Cross, CDO, CEO and Co-founder of 5874 Commerce speaks with our Commercial Director, Luke Osborne and Digital Director, Ben Palmer, about the importance of the Discovery process in eCommerce projects. What is it? Why does it matter? How can it help you define your goals? Find out all in our latest episode!

Episode 004 – Listen Now!

Episode 004: Maximising the Commerce Customer Experience
We speak with Chris Baker our Head of Design at 5874 Commerce, and Stuart Pick, VP Alliances & Strategic Partnerships at Brightpearl about how customer experience applies to all stages of the buyer journey. We cover what it means, why it matters, and how you can implement an end-to-end solution that helps you better understand your customers, maximise ROI and satisfaction.

Episode 003 – Listen Now!

Episode 003: An Introduction to Jim Herbert
Episode 3 is now live. The eCom Life Podcast would like to give a warm welcome to Jim Herbert, who joins BigCommerce as the new General Manager for EMEA operations. We chat with Jim about how he’s found the first couple of months in the role, what it’s been like to work through the pandemic, what’s changed (and what hasn’t!) and share insights into the future vision for business growth.

Episode 002 – Listen Now!

Episode 002: How to Drive Change in your Business
Change is inevitable, but the way it’s executed is what’s important. How do you drive a positive change in a way that exceeds expectations and aligns with digital innovation? In this episode, we speak to BigCommerce and Travis Perkins about their approach to applying new business strategies, processes, and technologies.

Episode 001 – Listen Now!

Episode 001: Building a Scalable eCommerce Business
As eCommerce sales rise year on year, businesses need to adapt so that they have the capacity to respond to market demands and reduce the risk of encountering bottlenecks that could stunt their growth. We will be speaking to experts from BigCommerce, Linnworks, and Yumi about their experiences in building scalable eCommerce businesses.