Hybrid Working

Last Revised: 25/01/2022

Hybrid Working

Here at 5874 Commerce we want to support our colleagues to do their best work, have a good work life balance, work flexibly whilst staying connected and getting the job done.

We know that for many of you, where, how and when you work has changed radically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Expectations about what work looks like have also changed and we know that choice and flexibility are important and what works for some won’t work for others.

5874 Commerce will never be a remote company but if you’re the right fit then we want you to work for us whether you live in Birmingham or the Bermuda Triangle. So that’s why we’ve introduced our Hybrid Working policy.

It’s all about hubs

At the moment, we have one hub which is our office here in Birmingham, UK. Depending on where you live you’ll need to be able to work from our hub a certain number of times a week/month/year.

The more we grow, the more hubs we’ll create and the more flexibility we can offer. So if you know you can commit to the below and like the look of our Current Opportunities then apply today – we’d love to meet you!

  • 40 miles from a hub – 3 days per week
  • 75 miles from a hub – 2 days per week
  • 150 miles from a hub – 1 day per fortnight
  • 300 miles from a hub – 1 day per month
  • 500 miles from a hub – 1 day per quarter
  • 1,000 miles from a hub – 1 day per 6 months
  • 1,000+ from a hub – 1 day per year

If you travel for work, then that counts as a day in the office

Check out our Current Opportunities here




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