5 Brands on Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is one of the leading ecommerce platforms across the globe. It is no surprise then, that the platform plays host to a variety of ecommerce businesses, from various sectors and industries, including some big-name brands you might recognise.

Sony (Visit site)
Paul Mitchell (Visit site)
Toyota (Visit site)
Ford UK (Visit site)
Yumi (Visit site)

Yumi are one of 5874’s clients. 5874 moved them from Demandware to Bigcommerce within 3 months, you can read about the process, here.

For more brands on Bigcommerce, go here. To see more brands 5874 have worked with, check out our portfolio, here.

If you’re an ecommerce business looking to replatform to Bigcommerce, give 5874 a call on (0121) 773 5978 or email info@5874.co.uk.

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