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Fast: How Does It Work?

We’re proud to be partnered with Fast – the world’s fastest checkout.

Integrating Fast into an eCommerce website can prove a real game-changer for retailers. By removing all passwords, logins and length forms from checkouts, Fast allows shoppers to complete their transaction with just one simple click.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer for retailers as they can improve their customer experience whilst decreasing cart abandonment and driving sales.

Let’s dive into the top benefits of Fast.

What are the benefits of using Fast?

We have summarised below some of the top features of Linnworks and how it can help to streamline business strategy and create success stories.

One-Click Checkout – A positive online customer experience on an eCommerce store all comes down to how easy retailers make it for their shoppers to complete the desired action. In most cases, this is completing a purchase which will therefore include a checkout process. Checkouts which involve multiple steps, logins and passwords require both time and effort from shoppers, which is often unwelcomed. There is also more opportunity for blockers and frustration in the user journey which can result in.

Reduce Cart Abandonment – Cart abandonment can prove a common challenge for online retailers. Online shoppers reach the last stage in the purchase journey, but fail to complete the final transaction resulting in an “abandoned cart”.

A smooth and friction-less checkout flow can make a huge difference and should be key to any eCommerce strategy. Implementing an optimised checkout experience can help reduce cart abandonment which is where Fast can step in and work its magic.

By minimising the checkout process to just one simple click, there are less hurdles for customers such as creating accounts, filling out forms or remembering their log in details.

And less abandoned carts equals more sales. Pretty simple, right?

Install in Minutes – Integrating Fast into your current eCommerce system is quick and easy. Fast’s  pre-built platform integrations means installation takes just minutes and you can be up and running with Fast in no time.

Instant Payouts – Another great advantage of using Fast on an eCommerce store is that retailers are able to obtain their funds instantly. Fast’s instant payouts means payments are processed and money is exchanged very immediately.

Fraud Detection – Fast takes security and privacy very seriously. When shopper’s submit details to Fast, their information is encrypted to keep it as secure as possible. For example, card credentials are stored using the same security standards that banks and payments companies use.

5874 Commerce: Fast Partner

So….What’s not to love? It’s safe, easy, and fast.

As a Fast partner, 5874 help eCommerce retailers transform their online business through the integration of Fast.

If you think Fast is the right fit for your eCommerce business, give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email for more information.

To find out more about how Fast can add value to your eCommerce business, visit their website or Twitter / LinkedIn today.

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