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Born out of Jasper Studios, Jasper PIM was built as a PIM for BigCommerce by a BigCommerce agency.

Jasper are a Product Information Management (PIM) and SaaS solution who help merchants keep control of their product stock. Their system delivers a central hub for product organisation, enrichment, management, categorisation and synchronisation.


Acting as a core database for all your product listings, Jasper categorizes each product so that they can be filtered by attribute, allowing you to easily organise,  consolidate and optimise data.

Examples of product information that can be managed by a PIM:

Product  – SKUs, Identifier codes, descriptions, titles
Sales Info – Prices, currency, promotions, testimonials, reviews
Digital Assets – product photos, videos, PDFs, logos
Technical – specifications, measurements, materials, structure Ingredients, certificates
Localised – Currency, translations, taxes,
Marketplaces Channels  – Google, Amazon, Etsy etc…
A PIM system like Jasper is particularly beneficial for companies with complex product content and a high volume of SKUs.

Scalability – Implementing a PIM system gives you the ability to grow your business. You have the ability to launch a new channel FAST.  With options for multi-store, multi-language, and multi-currency functionality, Jasper organises all your products in all locations.

Accuracy – If a product is amended or the details changed, the PIM updates this data across all selling channels automatically, which minimizes data errors and redundancies. Manual data entry problems due to human error are also eliminated, so you are left with a single source of truth in your listings.

Reliability – Customers can rely on your brand as your product descriptions are consistent and authentic, so they know exactly what they are purchasing. This can help reduce the amount of returned items.

Simplify processes – Using a PIM can help you get to market faster because all parts of your team can benefit. Simplified processes save a lot of admin time so you can focus on what really matters.

Choosing a Jasper partner

If you think utilising a PIM would be beneficial for your business, get in touch with our team of ecommerce experts by calling 0121 369 5874 or emailing for more information.

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