Partner Profile: Linnworks


Linnworks makes automating your selling processes easy with one fast, cloud-based system. As an order management software, Linnworks focuses on order processing and fulfilment so you can spend less time worrying about labels and packing, and more time focusing on other aspects of your business.

Why choose Linnworks?

Linnworks provides eCommerce businesses with an easy-to-use solution for their fulfilment needs. A simple user interface and an incredibly fast response time, Linnworks aims to help businesses save time and money through the use of automated processes. 

Packed full of features, Linnworks can help your business with:

  • Bulk listing making multi-channel selling even easier
  • Managing all of your orders in one place, including tracking, processing and fulfilment
  • Complete visibility of all your stock
  • Automated shipping management 
  • Reports analysing historical sales data helping you to make better business decisions

Choosing a Linnworks Partner

5874 have worked on numerous projects to integrate Linnworks, including developing a ground-breaking Linnworks, Vend and BigCommerce integration that is exclusive to 5874 clients. 

If you think Linnworks might be the right fit for you, 5874 are an experienced Linnworks partner and can help integrate the software into your current system. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email for more information.

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