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ShipperHQ is the perfect tool to help your business provide customers with multiple shipping options and customisable delivery rates. Working with a huge number of global retailers, ShipperHQ allows you to be in full control of your shipping options and create successful and efficient shipping strategies which can suit the needs of your business, no matter how complex it may be.

Why choose ShipperHQ?

Shipping Rules – ShipperHQ allows merchants to provide a multitude of flexible shipping options to its customers. Merchants can display live customised shipping rates for each individual shopper based on factors such as the customers geographic location and the weight of the product(s) they are purchasing.

Dimensional Packing – The shipping tool is able to check the dimensions of each individual product and automatically select the most appropriate sized box. This can then in turn determine the correct shipping rates for that order.

In-Store Pick-Up – Merchants can offer their customers a collection of their order from a certain pick-up point, should that be more convenient for them. Customers who select this option are able to choose from a range of pick-up dates, times and locations and to make things a little easier, a map will be shown at checkout so customers know exactly where they need to go.

Delivery Timings – ShipperHQ provides customers with their estimated delivery date and also allows customers to pick their preferred delivery date from a calendar presented to them at checkout. These dates take into consideration any cut-off times, lead times and maximum time required for transit in order to manage customer expectations and ensure accuracy.

Multi-Origin Packing – Many merchants have multiple warehouses spread across a wide range of locations and therefore need to manage delivery and stock from various locations. ShipperHQ has this covered, with it’s multi-origin packing feature which allows products to be made available from more than one shipping origin. Shipping rates will automatically be calculated based on which warehouse the product was shipped from, which would usually be the one closest to the customer.

Choosing a ShipperHQ Partner

ShipperHQ is a best-in-class tool helping a huge number of merchants to drive sales and add value to their customers’ online shopping experience.

ShipperHQ integrates seamlessly into a wide range of eCommerce platforms. As eCommerce specialists, 5874 Commerce are experienced ShipperHQ partners and can get you set up using the tool. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email for more information.

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