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Turn your small brand into a big name

Shoppers can easily be placed into two different categories. The ones who endlessly search for the cheapest possible option for a product, and those who will only buy branded products by household names. You may be able to offer customers a more affordable price, but how do you break a habit of a lifetime and get people to choose your brand over those bigger names?

We all want our businesses to be successful, but the eCommerce industry is so competitive, it can be difficult to establish your brand in the online world. Trust is the vital component here, as it’s what turns browsers into buyers and first-time customers into loyal ones. Through some expert digital marketing, you can build this relationship with your customer and turn your small brand into the go-to place for their eCommerce needs.

Create a content marketing plan

This may seem obvious, but plenty of businesses are still not fully making the most of content marketing. Blogging can be a great way to not only improve your SEO, but also give you the chance to showcase and talk about your products or services in more detail. You should always be thinking ahead with your content, particularly with peak periods as this can give you a head start on your competitors. You can also have a lot of fun planning your content around key events throughout the year and adjusting your marketing strategy according to your seasonal offerings.

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Social media

How often do you post on your business social accounts?  Are you sharing the same content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? You should be sharing as much as possible on as many platforms as possible. Social media is such a huge part of our everyday lives and can be highly influential when it comes to consumers and their purchasing habits. Posting regularly to social media also solidifies your reputation as a reputable company. Many consumers will seek out your social profiles on first hear of your brand to check you are not a scam. This is why regular updates is essential for building trust and promoting your brand.


If you want to ensure your brand is seen and visible to the right audience, you need to ensure you commit to some paid advertising. Utilise the Facebook Pixel and retargeted ads to ensure you’re attracting the right customers. This can be a great way of targeting those who have already expressed interest in your site and products, pushing for more conversions.

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Web Design & Development

Having a functional, attractive and responsive website is key to attracting and building the trust of your customers. Ensure you are on the right eCommerce platform that meets the needs of your business. Image is also significant in this day and age. A customer can tell within 5 seconds of browsing your site whether they would make a purchase or not, based purely on image alone, which is why great web design is so important. Of course, functionality and user experience are also essential components to a successful and established site.



Customers trust other customers. Displaying product/service reviews on your site builds trust so that visitors can make informed purchasing decisions. Become a Google Trusted Store or integrate Feefo, and proudly display your badge on your site to reassure your visitors of your credibility. This will increase your conversion rate and put your store ahead of those without that certified rating.

The truth is, building your brand into a household name can be a lengthy process. It requires a detailed marketing plan and strategy that requires commitment and eCommerce know-how. With decades of experience in the industry, our digital marketing experts can help you turn your small business into the leader of your field. For more information, call us on 0121 369 5874 or email

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