Why You Should Repurpose Your Old Content

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There seems to be a stigma attached to sharing your old content online. The fact is, if the content is still relevant and provides information, you can repurpose it to sell your products/services.

Our social feeds are constantly full of brands and companies sharing their content, so it’s often easy for a post to be missed. It’s also worth noting that if something that wasn’t relevant to an individual before could be relevant now. In that case, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to re-share the content you worked hard on to produce? It can only do your business some good.

How to Repurpose Your Old Content

The other option is to simply give your content a new purpose, finding a way to distribute it again that will avoid your website being penalised by Google. Use Google Analytics to find your most popular content and give it a refresh that will increase even more traffic, potential sales and engagement.

Update with new facts/products – Make the content more relevant to current events or the latest news. Chances are, things have changed since the first time you posted, so there will be something new you can say on that topic.

Bounce to a new topic – Use your old content and build on it to form a new topic. Ask a different question or pose a new solution. If you’re an ecommerce business, find a new purpose or event that you could refer to for your products.

Repurpose into a new format –  Infographics, videos and animations are just a few ways that you can take your content and turn it into something new.

Don’t just copy – Duplicating your content can lead to some trouble from Google, so avoid the copy and paste!

Re-sharing your old content is a useful marketing strategy that will increase traffic and engagement on your site. It will not only make your life easier in the long run, but will also generate more traffic and help with SEO.

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