Magento 1 Accelerator Programme

The times we currently find ourselves in are hugely testing. No two ways about it. Although certain businesses are trading well, areas such as staff care, fulfilment and logistics are just a few of the ongoing background considerations which add to the ongoing difficulty.

We know that there are businesses in the above situation, many of which are currently using Magento 1 which comes to end of life in June 2020. Magento will no longer provide support for anything that goes wrong post-June.

Step forward 5874 and subsequently BigCommerce. Whilst it may all seem like doom and gloom at the moment, there’s a huge opportunity for businesses trading online. Now more than ever, presents an opportunity to capitalise on the lack of offline competition and optimise your digital presence to not only react to the now, but prepare for the future.

What's our offer?

A complete migration from Magento 1 to industry leading SaaS platform, BigCommerce which includes:

  • Re-design of site where applicable
  • Technical set-up of backend system
  • Full branding of your new site
  • Payment provider of choice and PayPal set-up
  • Technical SEO set-up
  • Products migration (up to 100 products)

All the above can be achieved in as little as 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Prices start from £15,000, but with PayPal’s current “Working Capital” scheme, you don’t have to pick up the whole bill right away and can instead focus on getting your business back on track. Not only that, but BigCommerce are currently offering an impressive 3 month free period for all new merchants!

You can choose from two offers, depending on your business needs:

Theme Package

starting from £6,500

  • Setting up a store on a current BigCommerce theme
  • Quicker time to market
  • Lower cost
  • Ideal for new or premature businesses that aren’t quite ready to scale aggressively

Bespoke Package

starting from £15,000

  • A website completely tailored to you and your brand
  • Backend integrations to automate processes where applicable
  • Ideal for businesses that have an already established presence and want to replicate their current Magento experience and/or want to scale

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