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ASC were looking to move their current theme across to a more stable version so came to 5874 Commerce for our experience with BigCommerce.

Key Points

Provide the customer with a seamless transition to their new theme.

Increase site performance and scalability.

Be able to offer more front-end customisation through the use of Page Builder.


The Client

ASC Direct specialise in building bespoke boxes for a wide range of clients up and down the country, using their state of the art bespoke box builder.

The Challenge

The scope of the project was conceptually quite simple, but the devil was in the detail. ASC wanted a more stable version of their current theme, with some improvements where necessary. 5874 started off with a lot of investigative work, delving deeper into the current theme to identify potential pain points which we then communicated to the wider ASC team.

The biggest challenge was the migration of some complex Lambda scripts, which were intrinsically linked to the functionality that you can see on the site today within the Custom Box Builder application. Both our solutions lead, Ben Palmer, and the Head of Development on the project, Tom Hemus, had to meticulously go through each of the scripts and discuss where potential issues could arise. 

After some thorough investigation however, the team managed to identify and prevent many of the potential issues that could have slowed down the migration.

Project Summary

Tech Partners

Project Team


Our Solution

BigCommerce was the platform of choice due to the immense scalability and security benefits that the platform offers. Replacing the old theme with 5874’s custom-built version on BigCommerce Cornerstone solved most of the issues that ASC were experiencing. 

The legacy Lambda scripts proved to be difficult to work with at times, causing issues with the reorder functionality, in particular. The preparation work 5874 really helped to tackle the issues that arose here, and the team were able to address them and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

When dealing with sensitive product data and moving it around at scale, using Rewind.io was a no-brainer. In the event of a data mishap, Rewind is there to offer a full backup of the customer data.


Ongoing Marketing Support

Since working with ASC Direct on the rebuild of their store theme, they have continued to work with 5874 to seek ongoing marketing support. Alongside creating and optimising new Google Adwords and Microsoft Advertising campaigns, the team are also heading up their SEO strategy, which includes landing pages, blog content and ongoing support. 

WIth Google Ads, we have seen an Increase in ROAS by 23%, and increased revenue by 60.71% since managing the account. 

When comparing May 2022 with July 2021, we’ve seen an increase in revenue by 150.35% and an ROAS increase of 111.13%.

Microsoft Ads now make up 5% of total revenue with 95% of customers being new customers.

asc direct

Project Results

  • A fast, slick and secure online store.
  • A theme with all desired front-end customisation available.
  • A theme that can easily be updated and enhanced with the latest releases of Cornerstone.


Let’s build something great together.

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