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Slide & Fold came to 5874 Commerce to enhance their eCommerce store experience. 

Key Points

Increase in sales and engagement from visitors

Enhancement of the eCommerce store experience

Ease of internal website management processes


The Client

Slide and Fold are a UK based in-house manufacturer of Aluminium and UPVC doors and windows. They have been trading successfully out of Coventry for almost 15 years.

The Challenge

By their own admission, Slide and Fold’s website was out of date and potentially diverting sales as it did not reflect the brands level of expertise or professionalism. They wanted to modernise their image, improve the UI/UX and be able provide their high level technical information in an effective way. Slide & Fold were also keen to improve the back end experience for its customer service team who rely heavily on the website to support their clients.

The scope of the project covered a replatform of their configuration and eCommerce system, as well as a redesign and rebuild of the current website.

One of the main challenges of the project was not only the amount of content which would need replicating, but the understanding of the products themselves. It could not be a copy and paste or simple upload.

Project Summary

Tech Partners

Project Team


Our Solution

Ahead of starting on the project, the discovery process was extended significantly to ensure the complex business requirements were clearly defined and understood.

5874 then decided to take a headless approach to Slide and Fold; the front-end of the site is built on a Statamic CMS, integrated with BigCommerce for the checkout, payments, shipping, account and order management areas. The main reason for this approach is due to the complexity of the Configurators and the need for Slide & Fold to be able to administer this in a straightforward way.

Slide and Fold products are bespoke configurations that follow complex rules, surrounding which product options can or cannot be selected based on previous choices. These were handled by validation rules hardcoded in html. The challenge was to distil the complexity of these rules and build them into a user interface that can be used by store administrators to configure the conditional options for current and future products.

The complexity of option ranges and price modification for the Configurator, including the merchant ability to manage in an administrative capacity, required the storefront to use a web application framework. Laravel is a leading PHP application framework known for handling powerful business application models, wide support and a rich feature set of core packages that provide enhanced functionality.

The build was completed over 10 months and involved a design phase, custom front-end build, custom back end build, content migration and integration with BigCommerce.

The new site tells the brand story, promotes the retail services, and provides a full modern eCommerce experience which can operate in an efficient manner for store administrators, marketeers and operations teams.


  • Algolia – it was decided in the earlier stages of the project the knowledge hub, where all of the specialist information is stored would need search functionality in order to aid the UX
  • Codisto – Used to generate Google Shopping feed that allows Slide & Fold to advertise Express (stocked) products online


slide and fold

Project Results

  • Autonomy – all product types can be created, tested and deployed onto the live site without a developer. PLPs and landing pages can also be managed through the back end by non-technical users.
  • Renewed front-end and back end system provides a modern store experience helping to improve conversions 
  • The new site provides opportunities to showcase new offerings, incentivise certain behaviours and promote the brand story, progressing beyond just a transactional website.


Let’s build something great together.

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