We are Fast Partners.

Fast offers the world’s fastest checkout. It’s a real game-changer, helping online shoppers to bid farewell to the hassle of passwords and long-winded entry forms and say hello to a super speedy one-click check out.

“Sign up in a minute, check out in a second”

Not only that, online shoppers can easily manage all their Fast transactions in a single dashboard including shipment tracking, returns, reordering items and much more…..

So, how can Fast benefit your eCommerce business? Retailers can provide an exclusive online experience giving their customers a much more streamlined online shopping experience.

Plus with cart abandonment being a common pain point for merchants, Fast’s less logging in and more checking out approach can help businesses drive those all important sales.

What’s not to love? It’s safe, easy, and fast.

To find out more about how Fast can add value to your eCommerce business, visit their website or Twitter / LinkedIn today.

Fast headlines

Fast one-click checkout
No passwords or logins
Reduce cart abandonment
Increase average order value
Install in minutes
Instant payouts
Fraud detection
Zero hassle
Skip long entry forms

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