Accelerate Brand Growth With Reviews


We are Stamped partners

As Stamped partners, we assist companies in gathering and displaying customer feedback and implementing AI-powered loyalty schemes to promote customer retention.


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Why this partner?

Stamped provides a lot of value to our clients as it boosts their customer retention strategy and increases conversions by collecting and displaying customer reviews.

Obtaining useful client feedback enables your eCommerce business to increase consumer trust and brand credibility. Stamped makes it easier to display client evaluations on your website. There’s no better referral than a positive review on your website. If you want credibility and to stand out against your competitors, displaying your product reviews can do just that.

Promote Loyalty

Maximise your customer loyalty and engagement with a rewards scheme. Stamped provides you with everything you need to set up your very own reward tiers, allowing your customers to earn exclusive discounts, content and more. This fully customisable, AI-powered system is the ultimate solution to your customer retention issues.

Partner Overview

  • Easily integrated Techstack
  • Able to moderate reviews
  • Increases customer loyalty and trust




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