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Site redesign with enhanced functionality controllable via the cms.

Client Overview

Hogies is a specialist retailer with exclusive access to discounted stock. They sell cosmetic products, and personal accessories such as sunglasses, watches, purses.


Hogies felt their current store theme was outdated and the store should be more sophisticated, providing customers with a richer shopping and brand experience. Due to the theme and integrations having had little in the way of updates since first developed, there were various issues with their current template for both store administration and customers which they hoped to resolve with an updated theme.

A lot of the administration tasks also required developer knowledge, such as marketing message changes, and Hogies had a desire to be less reliant on an external resource.

Project Goals

Provide visitors with an improved customer experience

Reduce reliance on specialist external resource and improve ease of use for store administration features for non-technical personnel

Reduce trust-related customer enquiries

Increase trust and confidence in the Hogies brand for clientele purchasing heavily discounted brand items


In collaboration with Hogies, 5874 achieved this through a redesign and rebuild of the current store using a bespoke custom theme. The store renewal retained the current store functionality, upgraded these features, included new improvements enhancing the store experience, and resolved the previous issues.

The store redesign brought a fresh design and fashionable image, expressing Hogies’ brand values and aspirations, with a superior user experience for both store managers and customers. Store management operations were made more usable and efficient, and the rebuild incorporated making use of newly released features from BigCommerce.

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Project Results

Strong brand identity that resonates with shoppers within their market

Much more updateable by an administrator

Modern, easy to use

Intuitive / information in the right places for customers

Reduced customer enquiries

Reduced manual work and improved operational efficiency

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