Holistic Trader

Replatform from bespoke to two new secure BigCommerce sites, and additional marketing support.

Client Overview

Holistic Trader are an online retailer who specialise in holistic products which they sell whole on Holistic Trader and direct to consumer via their Holistic Shop website. Holistic Shop was launched in the year 2000 are has been growing year on year ever since.


Holistic Trader wanted to replatform as both their wholesale and retail websites were sitting on a bespoke website platform. This also acted as the company’s warehouse management and order management system. Due to growing concerns around security, slow site speed, lack of back-office system efficiencies, and general system uptime issues, they decided to make the move to a cloud-based solution.

Holistic Trader was also looking for a brand refresh for both sites. When it comes to corporate rebranding, subtlety is often the key, therefore it was very important that we understood and honoured the history and values of the original brand. A few options were explored including the imagery behind the brand and different colour schemes. We started with 3 options per brand – the logos were different but shared parts of the design with each other. The client picked out elements of each design and then 2 more designs were produced, taking on the previous feedback. With the incorporation of mandalas and appropriate colours and symbols, our evolution emphasises the brand’s holistic approach and products.

Project Goals

Secure platform built to scale

Brand refresh

Improve site speed

Improved security


5874 replatformed both the stores to separate BigCommerce sites, in order to improve website speed and look and feel, as well as security. We moved the back-office systems over to Linnworks to handle both WMS and OMS.

Holistic Trader have integrated Linnworks and BigCommerce to easily keep up to date on both the wholesale and retail website as well as pulling the orders from Linnworks for quick and easy shipping from their website

Digital Marketing Services

Facebook paid ads

Google search ads

Google shopping

Project Results

2 Fully-responsive BigCommerce site

20% increase in conversion rate

35% increase in page speed across all devices

Design that enhances user experience

Refresh that emphasises the brand’s holistic approach and products

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