5 online bookshops replatformed to BigCommerce

Client Overview

Monwell is a provider of serviced online shops, specialising in online bookshops such as The Mail, The Times Literary Supplement, Enjoy Books More!, Express Bookshop & The Guardian.


Looking to change from an unstable Magento 2 setup, Monwell needed a more scalable solution that would also allow them to customise elements with ease. BigCommerce offered the flexibility needed to meet their requirements.

Project Goals

Replatform quickly and efficiently

Customisable site using BigCommerce’s page builder front-end tool

Building a secure site on a scalable platform

The Guardian Bookshop - Monwell
Mail Online Bookshop- laptop
The Times Literary Supplement - Monwell


This was a large scale project as it required 4 brand new stores, all with full customisation and front-end freedom when it comes to editing and building out pages. There was also a strict time frame that meant the sites needed to go live within 4 months of the discovery process ending.

During development, there was an issue of trying to replicate a very custom set up that Monwell were using on Magento 2. By using some clever custom widgets alongside the 5874 Commerce SearchSpring implementation, the team managed to not only replicate but improve the ability to customise the displays on the front-end.

Working alongside a brand new tech partner, Comestri, the team were also set a tough challenge of working with one of the largest data sets seen at 5874 Commerce. With regular communication, the challenges were overcome and the results are 5 great end products, all completed and delivered on time and as set out in the discovery process.

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Project Results

4 websites with custom front-end

Quick replatform to scalable platform - room for growth

Secure and stable websites

Times Literary Supplement - iPad
The Guardian Bookshop - 5874 Commerce
Enjoy more books - 5874 Commerce
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