Peter Christian

Replatform to scalable cloud-native solution.

Client Overview

Peter Christian is a Gentleman’s Outfitter, specialising in classic, well-tailored men’s clothing based in the beautifully picturesque South Downs.


Peter Christan were using an unstable, archaic Magento store that had reached end of life. They were looking for a cloud-based SaaS platform that offered them a scalable solution. BigCommerce was the perfect fit for their requirements.

Project Goals

Replatform to a cloud-hosted solution

Secure site with no back-up concerns and automatic updates

Cost-effective solution

A site that has the ability to scale quickly


The design phase of this project was complex and incredibly in-depth. It was of great importance to the client that their brand identity was protected and translated into their new site.  5874 began with a discovery process that takes a deep dive into the client’s current site and structure.  The discovery helps both parties gain a deeper understanding of the project details. The outcome of discovery presents a full solution design of all the functional and non-functional requirements, and details including costs, and timescales.

Initially, there was an issue with the child SKU limit being too small. 5874 solved this by splitting out the colour variant products as individual products so the figure was reduced. Peter Christian also wanted to show colour variants on the Product Display Page as one product, but on the category page as separate products. This was solved thanks to BigCommerce’s open APIs and open architecture.

5874 built a custom product bundler app to enable Peter Christian to sell ‘bundles’ from one product display page, e.g suits: choose a jacket, trouser, waistcoat etc, all in choice of sizes. This is a desirable functionality due to the nature of the site and its product offering.

Peter Christian had specific requirements around GDPR, opt-ins and data collection, which were solved by using the 5874 custom checkout and BigCommerce’s open API and architecture.  Mini BC was also integrated in order to enable 3rd party card vaulting, cascading stock levels, and pre-order stock information.

Peter Christian had a prior Klevu integration, which offers them AI-driven site search and improved functionality. 5874 also implemented the WordPress plugin so that the client can post blogs and content with branded and customised features.

5874 have launched both Peter Christian’s UK and US stores on BigCommerce.

Project Results

Very customisable and scalable eCommerce site

No updates or platform support concerns

Platform support / backup / security

Ready when you are

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