Travis Perkins

Branch-level eCommerce platforms to sell unsold stock

Client Overview

Travis Perkins are a British builders merchants, headquartered in Northampton, with over 600 branches nationwide.


Travis Perkins found they were losing money on ‘dead stock’ within their branches. ‘Dead stock’ is essentially a product that has been sat on the shelf tying up cash for too long, so can no longer be sold as new, or the cost of holding the product has got to a point where it is disproportionate to the sale profit. This stock may also include damaged items & customer returns.




Project Goals

A quick and scalable solution

Easily manageable at branch level

Avoiding of complex integrations into their ERP system


We took the key design influences and brand image from the main national store to ensure consistency across the site.

An identical theme was required for the 14 trial stores, in order to simplify the roll-out and theme update process, whilst still allowing personalisation for each store – opening times, address, contact etc.

We solved this in two ways. With a custom-built BigCommerce theme deployment tool, which cut out the repetitive effort required for deploying the same theme to 14 stores, along with a bespoke private BC app which the store managers can use to update the aforementioned details on the store home page. We also used this to publish the listings on a custom landing page, which uses the Google Maps API as a branch finder.

Heavily disrupted by Covid-19 and branch closures, the launch was undoubtedly delayed. However, from start to finish the ‘working time’ was just under 6 weeks. In terms of integrations, a Custom build BC private app was used for personalisation. Linnworks for data management was also used during the Proof of Concept phase.

BigCommerce was chosen because of the ease of scalability for additional roll-outs. The opportunity for customisation was also an essential deciding factor.

Digital Marketing Services

Project Results

Training (via Google Meet) for branch managers

Daily support drop-in sessions to help branch adoption of the project

Branch by branch control

Easy selling of clearance products

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