Technical SEO Audit


Results-driven SEO strategy

A deeper understanding of user search behaviour is used to improve the technical aspects of your website in order to boost rankings.


Best place to hide a dead body?

Page 2 of Google.

Technical SEO is driven more by how your website runs. Of course, meta tiles, alt text, backlinks et al, all work to boost your rankings, but if your website fails to load, search engines are going nowhere near it! We conduct a thorough audit of your website to ensure it’s hitting all those sweet spots for search engines.


How do we do it?


The faster your website, the more likely it is to show up on that trusty first page on Google. We ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently. This includes uploading a XML sitemap so search engines can crawl your site with speed.

Structured Data

A fixed format that tells search engines about your products/services in greater detail, ensuring your customers are shown exactly what they’re looking for. Also known as a schema markup.


A safe site is a trusted site. Security is essential; from your SSL certificate to the ecommerce platform you’re using, we choose what is best for you and for your customers.


Tech Partners

Akeneo - 5874 Partner


Make your move.


Technical SEO Work


Headless, business centric integration for a seamless user experience.

Holistic Trader

Replatform from bespoke to two new secure BigCommerce sites, and additional marketing support.


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