05 October 2017

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Owner of GolfGarb – a stylish golf clothing retailer – Adrian came to 5874  after moving from Magento to Bigcommerce. They wanted some extra support as well as design expertise and advice on handling data transfer through BigCommerce.

We chatted with Adrian and asked him 10 questions about his eCommerce experience so far…



GolfGarb are the largest retailers of ladies golf clothing in Europe offering and extensive range of style and sizes.”



“Starting from home 11 years ago we set out to provide great customer service, proper images and full descriptions which was sadly lacking in those days. Having grown and grown with our good reputation for customer service and the massive ranges we have available we now specialise in the ladies ranges of golf clothing.”



“Magento needed too many people to make it work, the underlying application is pretty good but it needs at least several third-party modules to work. Hosting is needed by a third party and then you need your own support by another third party. Anything that went wrong and then you are in a constant role of its someone else’s problem or fault or its incompatible.”



“We looked at Shopify which is very good, the only problem with Shopify is that is does not support UK postcodes which made regional shipping difficult to impossible, as well as the VAT issue for Channel Islands. Their solutions were not very clean or practical.”



“The data migration was done by BigCommerce and was OK, there was in the end a lot of missing data which took several months to sort out. Advice and support from 5874 was second to none. Always willing to help and offer advice and solutions. A very good and rapid understanding of our requirements was key to this.”



“Extra support. We struggled with the telephone support, and ticketing system. Using a UK partner resolved this.”



“Conversations with Rupert beforehand made me realise how knowledgeable, friendly and experienced in business and development he was and thus the right company to work with.”



“The out-of-the-box templates are very good, but getting a custom template gives you the support and backup of 5874, which is worth a fortune – so yes.”



“Reliability has been great. Personally, I have fewer worries as it is all hosted and looked after and I don’t have to worry about it like I did on Magento. That is worth masses.”



“Be patient, it will take longer than you think to get there.”


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