25 March 2020

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Launching on BigCommerce: Quick and affordable

Launching a new site can seem daunting with a multitude of factors to consider and plan for.  If you are looking to get online fast, the BigCommerce platform comes with a vast number of built-in features that are fully customisable, regardless of the size of your business.

Lower total cost of ownership: When you replatform to BigCommerce, you will experience a lower total cost of ownership compared to market competitors. This is a result of BigCommerce being a hosted, SaaS platform, with many out-of-the-box features allowing for minimal expenditure and noticeable savings on maintenance and updates.

Security: SaaS platforms are more secure than on-premise. BigCommerce takes care of all necessary background security updates, and completes these updates as soon as they are released, so you don’t have to worry about doing them yourself.

Scalability: Your business will be more scalable due to SaaS (hosting is looked after so no need to worry about excess traffic crashing your site). New features are also available and updated immediately after launch, and at no extra cost. In contrast, to implement new features within on-premise platforms, there is a large cost incurred as this requires developer teams to carry out the work.  You could also run the risk of inadvertently breaking other features of the site! Not only that but if afterward the feature actually isn’t that beneficial, the whole exercise has been a waste of time and money, leaving you unable to progress further.

Flexibility:  BigCommerce promotes a modular environment, enabling you to establish a bulletproof tech-stack, made up of best in breed systems that all compliment and integrate with each other. The beauty of a modular approach is that modules can be switched out as and when you like if one isn’t quite up to scratch. This allows you to tailor your site and have it exactly as you want it.

Costs: BigCommerce aims to provide a very transparent and trustworthy pricing system that avoids presenting customers with any hidden or surprise costs. All charges are already included in your monthly bill and include hosting, support services and security.

The BigCommerce Pricing Plans can be found here.

Experience-driven: With the BigCommerce platform, you have so much freedom on how to sell your product – it becomes more about how you’re selling vs being totally sales focused. You can focus more on your customers, and how to make them happier, resulting in higher loyalty and engagement with your brand.

BigCommerce can process up to 400 API calls per second which means that getting data from multiple sources simultaneously is lightning fast and helps to again enhance UX.

Timescale: Timescale really depends on the complexity of the project. Site builds can take anything from 24 hrs to a couple of months. If you were to select a pre-existing store theme, and already have a payment provider that links into Big Commerce, you could fundamentally get your site set up within 24hrs – providing you are able to list your products.


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