30 January 2020

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5 Effective Ways to Increase your Mobile Conversion Rate in eCommerce

Are you wondering how to improve your Mobile CRO? In this guide you will find 5 effective ways to increase your mobile conversion rate in eCommerce.

What Is the Importance of Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

Mobile eCommerce conversion rate is an important aspect for businesses to pay attention to. With a rising number of people using their mobiles for online shopping, it is more crucial than ever to ensure that your mobile commerce site is user-friendly and optimised. Treat your customers by providing them with a smooth, simple and seamless experience and the chances are they will hang around for longer and your mobile conversion rate will begin to climb!


Why Are Mobile Conversion Rates Lower Than Desktop?

When looking at mobile conversion rate vs desktop, it is clear that users tend to prefer converting on a desktop device. Whilst add to cart rates remain similar, the difference in mobile commerce conversion rates is due to a number of factors. A main contributor is the screen size, with users finding it easier and less frustrating when checking out on a larger screen.


Best Practices for Increasing Mobile Conversion Rate

See below for 5 best practices which can act as an important leverage to increase mobile conversion rates and provide the best mobile eCommerce experience for your customers:



By enhancing the navigation process on your mobile commerce site, you can create a much more appealing shopping experience for your customers and therefore increase the chance of consumer conversion. Providing clear and organised menus is just one example which enables customers to easily locate their desired products much more efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for those who arrive on a site with a specific product in mind, but is equally important in providing a favourable experience to those who are just casually browsing the site.


CTA Button

A Call to Action (CTA) can refer to an image, button or line of text which is intended to drive your user to carry out a specific action.

The Call to Action (CTA) on a mobile landing page will appear differently on a mobile to how it does on a desktop, so you need to make sure it is visually emphasised and immediately noticeable. This can be achieved by editing aspects such as size, colour and boldness of the text. It is also worth thinking about the area around the CTA and where the neighbouring buttons lie so there is enough space for users to tap and not run the risk of frustration if the wrong selection is made.


The “Thumb Zone”

The “Thumb Zone” – another key contributor to your businesses mobile conversion rate.  This refers to the general area in which someone holding a smart device with one hand is able to reach. Aspects such as CTAs, share buttons, and navigation controls should be placed inside the thumb zone, whereas destructive buttons such as delete and logout should be placed outside the zone. By placing important navigation or CTA buttons out of reach, you risk decreasing the ease of browsing and therefore reducing conversion rates.


Mobile Payment Options

Believe it or not, asking customers to type in their own bank details can be the ultimate conversion killer for eCommerce, including mobile commerce! Customers frequently turn their nose up at the idea of spending two minutes to type in their bank details when completing a purchase. Or they might begin entering them but find it goes wrong halfway through.

A top tip for offering the best mobile eCommerce is to provide third-party payment gateways such as Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Wallet, whereby customers use their pre-setup accounts which will automatically fill in all their details for them. It may only save a few minutes, but every little counts! This is a simple and effective solution which is definitely needed in order to remain competitive.


Mobile-specific campaigns

Create campaigns to promote a unique discount code which can only be used by customers who shop on the mobile version of the site. The exclusivity of the offers can act as an incentive for customers to complete purchases and can allow you to enjoy higher mobile conversion rates. There are several ways of promoting the offers, for instance through email marketing campaigns or by implementing a simple pop up on the mobile site itself.

Mobile eCommerce conversion rate should be a core focus point of any eCommerce strategy.

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