31 May 2023

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58 Perks: Working From Home

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Since the pandemic, we’ve really honed in on creating a healthy work-life balance. It’s always been important to us, but being forced to stay at home really put things into perspective. 


Flexible working enables our staff to spend 60% of their weekly working hours in the office, whereas the rest is spent working from home. For those based further afield, this can even be adjusted to 1 day a month or even once a year for our international team members!


So, what’s the big deal with working from home? Well, let’s dive into it!


Benefits of Working From Home


There are numerous businesses that offer work from home perks, more so than ever in the eCommerce sector. Listed below are a few reasons why working from home can be so beneficial:


  • You are able to be flexible with scheduling and balance work and lifestyle for your personal needs. 
  • Lack of commute is a great way to save extra cash and also help with sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Being able to prioritise things that truly matter such as family, friends and even your pets!
  • Happier employees equates to higher productivity and rentention



With a flexible work style, employees can adjust their work schedules to meet their own needs. Improved employee motivation reduces sick days and increases overall productivity, which is essential for the success of any eCommerce business. As long as employees plan and time their workload for the day, and their line managers are happy with the tasks completed, employees can work and take breaks accordingly.


Flexibility For Working Mothers

Flexibility can significantly lessen the stress of responsibilities such as school pickups for parents. Being able to leave early or plan work around drop-off and pick-up hours can save an enormous amount of time.

As part of our research for The Women’s Domain whitepaper, we found that many of our survey respondents said that flexible working was key to their career advancement as a parent. Many women felt they had to go part-time or quit work altogether after having a child as they were unable to commit to family obligations or unaffordable childcare costs. Enabling working mothers the opportunity to work flexibility means we have a greater balance in the workplace and are more gender inclusive. 


Work-Life Balance

ONS data reports that 78% of employees who worked from home reported an improvement in their work-life balance. Employees need to maintain a work-life balance in order to avoid being demotivated and putting their own demands before those of the workplace, which is crucial for their mental and physical well-being. They can maintain balance and take charge of their own lives if they are given the freedom to schedule their own time. Satisfied employees can improve both their own and the company’s overall well-being by getting all of their needs met, which allows them to be well-rested and productive.


Cost Efficiency And Sustainability

Saving travel costs AND the environment? Who wouldn’t want to do that?!


It goes without saying that employees who don’t drive or take the bus to work end up saving money on transport expenses while also helping the environment. Sustainability and cost effectiveness play a significant role in our core principles at 58. We even urge our staff to use public transport or bike whenever possible to work, rather than driving to the office. Just consider the fuel savings! Speaking of sustainability, why not download our very own whitepaper on Conscious Commerce right now by clicking here!


58 Employees 

Our staff have been exposed to a hybrid working arrangement since Covid, and it’s been very successful. Our workers can effectively manage their own time and remain motivated while working. 

Check out what Sara Russell, Marketing Director, has to say about working from home at 58:


The truth is, if working from home wasn’t an option at 58 then I wouldn’t work here.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working in the office, especially after a year like 2020, when I couldn’t really leave my house, but I want flexibility. Nothing compares to collaborating in person with your colleagues but nothing really compares to seeing your kid’s face when you pick them up from school either. Working from home part of the week means I can give the best of myself to my family and to my work so for me, it’s a no-brainer.”


At 5874 Commerce, we have discovered that each employee has unique needs. From working mothers to employees caring for ageing parents, to Gen Zers who are having a hard time juggling work and travel. To ensure that everyone on the team has a healthy work-life balance, it’s crucial to approach each person individually. To do this, we hold one-on-one sessions with each employee to identify and address any issues that may be bothering them.



So, does the eCommerce industry need flexible work schedules? Yes, we do if we want to recruit and retain the best talent, keep our workers motivated, and satisfy customers to the highest degree. Industry-wide standardisation is crucial, and as forerunners in this area, we feel it is our responsibility to set the bar high. 5874 Commerce has advanced considerably, yet there is always more to be done. In order to be the best company we can be for both our clients and, most importantly, our staff, we will continue to change and develop as we grow. Contact us here if you would like to know more about our hybrid working scheme.




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