12 March 2020

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Are PWAs eclipsing native mobile apps?

Mobile expectations

In a world where we are used to having everything instantly at our fingertips, apps need to house the same, if not better functionalities. With over 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide (99Firms), it’s no surprise the technology is becoming more sophisticated. This is even more of a reason to offer your audience a seamless mobile experience. If brands are able to give their consumers a good user experience, this will massively impact their conversion rate and drive sales.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Mobile usage is increasing on a vast scale. In recent years, we are at a point where people are spending twice as much time on their device than on a desktop (awwwards). Armed with this knowledge, you can be sure that taking steps to improve or implement a mobile commerce strategy is the right move for your business.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) give the best of both worlds in terms of user experience. Essentially, PWAs are websites with app-like features. These features can include access to smartphone features like push notifications, offline access, camera use and GPS location tracking.

JMango360 are experienced in creating integrated apps, PWAs and and bespoke mobile solutions for a wide range of businesses, helping increase conversion rate and  improve mobile sales.

Why are Progressive Web Apps so popular?

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of PWAs when looking to expand their audiences and appeal to a wider demographic. They have a number of attractive features proven to give you desired results.

Push notifications:  The ability to schedule and send push notifications can help re-engage your users by dropping them a quick but effective reminder – straight to their home screen. Using emojis as part of this strategy can also generate a response from users. A great way to boost user engagement.

‘Bookmarking’ feature: Android users are able to save PWAs on their home screen, essentially like how you bookmark on a desktop. This improves accessibility and is convenient for users.

Audience accessibility: Progressive Web Apps can be used by anyone, on any platform. Designed for users of all ages, they also have responsive functionality so that they can fit on any screen, from a mobile to a desktop and everything in-between. The possibilities are endless!

Speed: PWAs are designed for exceptionally quick and seamlessly smooth user experiences. This keeps your users on your web pages for longer reduces bounce rates.

Increased conversion rates: Because PWAs offer a better overall user experience, your customers are more likely to convert.

Additionally, after a PWA has been installed, you won’t need any further updates. This makes pages easy to manage, and promotes continued and uninterrupted use and reliability. Connecting the PWA through an API is also a desirable factor.

Considering all of these factors, It’s hard to ignore the true benefits of PWAs. So, is this the future of mobile browsing?

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