19 May 2023

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B2B eCommerce: Multi-Channel Selling and Expanding Your Reach

The B2B ecommerce space is quickly digitising its practices, taking note from B2C and attempting to scale despite the challenging economic climate. With a looming recession following the Covid-19 pandemic, how can B2B companies thrive? 


Technology is shaping the way we sell. Current market trends put a lot of emphasis on how businesses can utilise evolving technology to bring their business up to speed. Long gone are the days of catalogue selling. It’s time to update your website and other practices to keep up and avoid your business becoming a casualty in the downfall of the economy. 


Multi-Channel B2B


One way to boost your B2B revenue is by reassessing your tech stack to improve your operational efficiency. By doing this, you can set up multi-channel selling. Businesses can place orders via social media, online marketplaces and your website, increasing your reach and revenue.


To bring your backend systems up to date, you’ll need to connect best-of-breed technologies to your ecommerce platform. Our partner Linnworks is a great option for having total commerce control and managing your inventory, fulfilment and data from all of your sales channels in one place. 


Moving into the B2C Market


One way B2B companies could potentially boost their sales is by venturing into the B2C market. Of course, this won’t work for all B2B, but it can be a great way to grow your business. 


Virbac, the 8th largest veterinary pharmaceutical group in the world, came to 5874 Commerce looking to branch out into the B2C market. Looking for a full platform solution, Virbac needed a fully functional and localised store supporting infrastructure so that they could expand into local regions, yet still manage their operations using one centralised authority. You can read more about the project here.


International Expansion


Taking your B2B business global is the ultimate goal, but many shy away from committing to international markets due to costs and setup. However, selling worldwide has so much potential and is a worthwhile investment. 


Of course, there are steps you’ll need to take before embarking on world domination. Is there a market for your products? Do you need to organise a multi-language website? How do you work around fulfilment and inventory? Get yourself an ecommerce platform with the flexibility to integrate into multiple technologies so that localised stores won’t be such a headache to implement. 


BigCommerce is the perfect ecommerce platform of choice if you’re looking to expand into international markets. With BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront technology, B2B businesses have the option to leverage localised content and currency in order to reach more consumers. 


What’s Next for B2B eCommerce?


If you’re looking to make some big changes to how your B2B store operates, now is the time to get a jump on the economy, make those changes and watch your business grow. 


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