11 May 2023

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BigCommerce and Feedonomics

Did you know: BigCommerce paid a whopping $145 million to acquire Feedonomics.

BigCommerce provides a plethora of advantages, with Feedonomics being a recent one.


As a BigCommerce partner, 5874 Commerce are aware of its ongoing commitment to success and consistent expansion within the field of eCommerce. Feedonomics is one approach to boost and expand their leading eCommerce platform to greater heights.


Let’s begin by addressing the fundamental question…

What is Feedonomics?

Feedonomics combines top-tier technology and customer support to offer products on Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook, among other popular online shopping destinations. It’s known as a leading feed management platform which helps thousands of the most well-known brands, online merchants, and advertising agencies improve data quality and product discovery across hundreds of advertising channels and marketplaces by offering full-service solutions and round-the-clock support. 

Importance and Use

Did you know: Over 30% of the top 1,000 online shops, as well as many other major brands and retailers, are served by Feedonomics. Brands such as Amazon, eBay and even Snapchat!

Feedonomics is an essential software to use in your merchant store as it helps with Feed Optimisation, which is a vital step towards success for any business.


By automating the management of product listings and orders as well as the optimisation of product catalogue data, merchants may improve search relevancy and conversion rates. 

Take a look at this summary of how Feedonomics can be applied to your eCommerce store.

  • Utilisation in advertising – Management of product feeds with a personalised touch, such as social media and affiliate channels and streamlining feed optimisation.
  • Use of marketplaces – Optimising the product catalogue in accordance with best practices for each channel takes time. Using this feature can increase reach, reduce feed administration time, and improve data synchronisation.
  • FDX Inside – With the aid of this technology, you may swiftly publish reliable, high-quality data and enhance user experience on your website.
  • Multi-merchant onboarding – By streamlining these procedures at scale, Feedonomics lowers expensive overhead costs and boosts the performance of an entire catalogue performance on your merchant site.


    Here is a Feedonomics employee’s personal perspective on how Feedonomics might alter the playing field for eCommerce retailers.

    “If, as a business, you want to make a real impact in this competitive market, think about putting a focus on optimising your data feeds across all channels. Being able to map enhanced product data optimally to various marketing and marketplace channel formats is a real game changer for online business performance and bringing Feedonomics into the BigCommerce offering gives our merchants an edge like no other.”


    Sharon Gee, Senior Vice President of Sales & Partnerships, Feedonomics

    How BigCommerce Integrated Feedonomics

    By automating data optimisation, product listing, and order syncing across more than 100 advertising and marketplace channels, BigCommerce and Feedonomics enable omnichannel development for retailers. In the end, this gives customers a consistent and seamless customer experience regardless of the channel they use to browse and buy from.

    The bonus of linking, transforming, and refining their product data across hundreds of global channels is a must-mention feature that can be used in any merchant store.


    Here are some essential pointers on how BigCommerce integrate Feedonomics into their solutions:

    • BigCommerce has integrations with more than 160 online marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and thousands of active clients.
    • They are an industry-leading managed service, with round-the-clock assistance
    • Several channels of the market at a fixed price
    • There are no setup costs or revenue percentages.
    • There are no long-term agreements; just a 3-month commitment.



      As a top data feed management platform, Feedonomics simplifies product listing, catalogue optimisation, data security, and more for the most well-liked shopping destinations internationally. With the use of cutting-edge technology, Feedonomics offers fully managed advertising and marketplace solutions.

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