29 July 2021

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What is BigCommerce B2B Edition?

BigCommerce B2B Edition

Last month saw open SaaS eCommerce platform, BigCommerce, launch its B2B Edition – an expansion on its Enterprise plan.

BigCommerce had already provided B2B features through its Enterprise software but this new offering aims to completely streamline processes with B2B-specific themes and features. According to Gartner, by 2025 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will happen online. It’s not surprising then that BigCommerce have chosen now to create a solution for B2B businesses looking to digitise and expand their services.

BigCommerce states its B2B Edition aims to “streamline processes online, delight customers and enhance sales teams’ effectiveness.”

B2B businesses will be looking for more ways to grow their business online, particularly in a post-pandemic world. As offline processes have dwindled due to covid-19, B2B businesses will be searching for a way to get up and running quickly online. B2B Edition could be the ideal solution for many.


What are the key features of B2B Edition?

  • 6 pre-installed B2B-optimised Stencil themes
  • Tailored customer experience – custom account tiers and price lists
  • Sales representative masquerade – Sales team can place orders on behalf of consenting businesses
  • Sales representative quoting – Create and share quotes, provide discounts
  • Advanced payment methods
  • Buy again or reorder feature


What is the difference between Enterprise and B2B Edition?

BigCommerce Enterprise comes with all of the out-of-the-box features to get any store up and running. With premium security features and an open API, the customisation possibilities with Enterprise are endless and store growth exponential. The Enterprise plan is for any business, B2C and/or B2B, looking to get online fast. However, B2B businesses may find there are not as many features tailored specifically for them.

B2B Edition is essentially the Enterprise plan with the additional B2B features that come with the BundleB2B app. However, it’s worth noting that B2B Edition is only available to new customers. Enterprise customers can still install the BundleB2B app and modify their theme to gain the same features and benefits.

So while the Enterprise plan still provides B2B businesses with everything they need to run a successful online store, B2B Edition adds a new level of functionality and features that enable businesses to streamline their processes, empower sales teams and create an even smoother buying experience for their customers.

5874 Commerce: BigCommerce Partner Agency

As award-winning BigCommerce partners, 5874 Commerce have worked on numerous enterprise and B2B projects. Earlier this year, our team replatformed 4 websites under the Scotts & Co brand to BigCommerce in just 14 weeks. You can read the full case study here.

If you’re looking to replatform to BigCommerce, reach out to our team of eCommerce consultants. Email success@5874commerce.com or call 0121 369 5874 to start the conversation today.




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