25 September 2017

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Choose A Smoother Checkout Experience With PCA Predict

Every eCommerce business wants to create a smoother and quicker checkout process for their customers. A busy and complicated checkout page can cause cart abandonment and a loss in sales, which is why it’s important to ensure the setup of your store is simple and straightforward from start to finish, so that customers will follow through with their purchase. A common issue for most eCommerce businesses is that so much time is spent focusing on the functionality and attractiveness of the actual store, that the final step is often overlooked. The fact is, so many problems can arise from a poor checkout page that can be easily resolved with some expert help. 5874 are experienced at integrating PCA Predict – a leading address lookup and validation service provider – and can integrate into your BigCommerce store at no added cost.



PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere) is an easy-to-integrate solution for improving business efficiency and turning those visitors into paying customers. PCA Predict can capture addresses in seconds using the IP address the customer is visiting from. Data is delivered by the Cloud, which means it’s easy to integrate into your current system, and can quickly be updated.

Entering just part of an address will give you all the options available to you so that the entire form can be filled in quickly and efficiently.


IP Address

Capturing addresses via the IP address means that the checkout page can automatically change the currency for international shoppers – making it easier for them to see the final bill and avoid the conversion confusion that produces hesitation in purchasing. This also reduces cart abandonment, condensing long address forms that leave customers feeling irritated and thus not completing their purchase. A simple checkout process means customers don’t have the extra time to consider abandoning their purchase.


All businesses want to reduce costs where they can, and it’s surprising how much missed deliveries can cost your eCommerce business. With PCA Predict, not only will it reduce abandoned carts, but it also obtains accurate address data that will replace typos and misspelt addresses often found in manual address inputs – saving you money and keeping your customers happy.


Don’t waste your or your customers’ time – set PCA Predict up today! 5874 are offering free integration to your BigCommerce store. Contact us here for more information.




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