20 August 2020

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Your Guide To Choosing A Shipping Partner

What is eCommerce Shipping and why is it important?

eCommerce shipping refers to the full process of transferring products purchased online to the customer destination. The shipping options presented to customers at check out can easily make or break their final decision to purchase, with online shoppers getting increasingly used to quick and cheap delivery options. The ability to order products online and then receive these in an efficient and timely manner can encourage repeat customers and help drive sales.

There is a potential competitive advantage for businesses who seek out the best shipping strategy and it is therefore in the merchants’ best interest to research a shipping partner that can best match your business needs.

How do I decide on a Shipping Partner?

There are a range of shipping partners who are dedicated to helping you figure out how to ship faster and more affordably. However it is not a case of one size fits all, so it is worth spending time analysing your business needs and researching various partners to ensure you find the perfect match for your business.

Here are some factors to consider when identifying the best Shipping partner solution for your business:

Set reasonable goals  – Set organised and realistic goals to ensure you are steering your business in the right direction. Are you looking to grow your shipping overseas? Are you looking to increase the average order value? Or are you looking to increase overall revenue?

Pricing – Find a partner who can offer you a great price but without losing out on high customer satisfaction levels. There is no point going with the cheapest option if your brand reputation is at risk of being damaged. Do your research and find what’s best for you. It is often worth making a full list of all the possible products you would ship out and their associated size/weights.

Speed – Are you looking to wow your customers with super speedy deliveries? Offering your customers a combination of fast and affordable shipping options can help to decrease the number of abandoned carts and drive purchases. If your customers are looking for instant next day deliveries then you need to find a shipping partner who can reliably deliver on this.

Overseas shipping – Do you have international customers? If so, you need to find a shipping partner who is able to successfully deliver your products both locally and internationally at the lowest cost possible.

Tracking – Customers love to know where their parcel has got to and when it’s due to arrive. Different partners will offer different tracking systems and it is important to find the right match for your business.

Packaging  – Different partners provide varying packaging and levels of customisation. Merchants need to decide how important the visual aspect of their packaging is and whether they would like a partner who offers bespoke branding.


ShipStation is a highly efficient multi-carrier shipping solution, that allows online merchants to deliver a quick and automated buying and delivery experience. The software offers your business a chance to develop valuable integrations by linking up with an array of marketplaces, mail carriers, payment gateways and shopping carts.

From increasing conversions to enhancing operational efficiency, having an effective eCommerce shipping partner really can make the world of difference and is one of the most important steps you can take to help your online business achieve success.

5874 are experienced ShipStation partners and can help integrate the software into your current system. If you need help with the shipping strategy for your online store then get in touch today by calling 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com for more information.




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