01 February 2019

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Creating the Perfect Micro-Moment

You may have heard the term ‘micro-moments’ thrown around a lot on the web, but what does this term coined by Google actually mean, and how are brands using them to shape their marketing strategy.

A micro-moment is defined as a short interaction with consumers that will help them make some sort of decision or it can also act as a quick burst of information. These micro-moments are based around the influence brands have on consumers in those intent-rich stages of browsing. Though this is by no means a new concept, we are starting to see more brands embrace the micro-moment as part of their marketing strategy.


How Are Micro-Moments Defined

Google has broken these moments down into 4 different categories: I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy.


I-want-to-know moments

How many times a day do you seek out Google to find the answer to a question? It’s as simple as seeing an advert and wanting to find out more so taking to the search engine or looking up that film you just watched to find out where you know that actor from – we rely on our phones and the power of online search in so many small, everyday moments.


I-want-to-go moments

Moved to a new area and looking for a new, local dentist? Hairdresser? GP surgery? Sure, some of us might ask a neighbour or a friend, but the majority of us will probably head straight to a search engine and use the ‘near me’ function. It’s quick, easy and you can find out everything you need to know.



I-want-to-do moments

You might be struggling to think of an activity to do with the kids on the weekend, or you could just be trying to find a ‘how-to’ video on that DIY project idea you had – where do you go for inspiration? We can’t help but use our phones to get the answers we need and source inspiration.


I-want-to-buy moments

It might be a case of having already seen the item you’re looking for and just wanting to find the best deal possible, or you could be looking for something that fits into a specific category, e.g. a wedding guest outfit. You might even be in a physical store and using your phone to compare prices.

How much time do you think you spend in total using search engines to find the answers you need? How many quick searches are made during the day without you even realising? All of these moments add up and these in particular are so important to digital marketing because they are the result of a consumer actively wanting something, rather than just lightly browsing with no intent.


Influencing a Micro-Moment

While these customer habits aren’t new knowledge, how this information is used in modern-day marketing is still being tested. When it comes to influencing customers ‘in the moment’ and pushing them towards your brand, there are certain things you need to consider.



Make shopping on mobile a breeze – Products should be categorised correctly and easy to find. The checkout process should also be smooth to seal the deal.

Product information – Consumers might be making a large purchase while shopping in a store, but before they do, they like to find out as much about the product as possible before investing. Make sure product details and reviews can easily be found. The same goes for store reviews.

Provide answers – As consumers use search engines multiple times a day to find answers to their queries, find ways to provide them with answers. Whether this is through informative blog posts or how to videos, providing a useful resource will then help you to shape consumers’ preferences.

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes – For each micro-moment you want to win, imagine how the customer might reach that point. How can you make this process easier for them? What information do they need in order to make a decision?


By utilising micro-moments, brands will start to see more actions taken by consumers. We all want to be first-pick, but with such a short space of time to be able to influence a decisions, it’s vital that we make as much of an impression as possible.

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