20 May 2021

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5 Benefits Of SMS Marketing in eCommerce

SMS Marketing

What is SMS marketing? 

SMS marketing is a marketing channel which uses SMS, more commonly known as text messaging. It works in the same way as other channels such as email and is used to engage with customers at different stages of the purchase journey.

SMS campaigns can include order updates, product offers, new products and much more.

Why Use SMS Marketing for eCommerce?

So why choose SMS marketing over other forms of communication?

SMS is an increasingly popular element within a brand’s eCommerce marketing strategy and can be an extremely effective way of communicating with customers, from new to the most loyal.

We have listed some of the top benefits of using SMS within eCommerce and why brands should seriously consider using SMS as part of their strategy if they are not already.

1. SMS offers instant communication and high open rates

Did you know that the open rate for SMS marketing is as high as 98%?

This statistic can give brand’s confidence that their text message content will be read by the customer. Emails can easily be overlooked or even end up in the depth of a customer’s spam folder. Whereas the significant role mobile’s play in a customer’s daily lifestyle, alongside the popularity of texting, SMS marketing does not get ignored.

SMS campaigns provide a way for eCommerce brand’s to instantly connect with their customers making it one of the most immediate marketing channels available.

If you’re looking to increase your content open-rate, then SMS could be the answer.

2. Customers can opt-in and opt-out

There are many regulations surrounding text marketing, one of which is giving customers the ability to opt-in and opt-out of your SMS marketing services.

This can be beneficial for eCommerce brands as it means they are only reaching out to subscribers who have agreed to receive order updates or marketing information via SMS campaigns.

3. Scope for personalisation

Another of the many benefits of SMS is personalisation. As we know, personalisation can work wonders in any marketing strategy. Personalisation has moved beyond simply adding a customer’s first name to a message, it is all about showing customers you care about them.

SMS is a more personal form of communication and is a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to engage with customers through the creation of targeted and relevant messaging. Mobiles are personal devices and by adding a little human touch to SMS messages, brands can really stand out from the crowd.

For example, obtaining the following information can help boost an SMS strategy:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What types of item is each customer most interested in?
  • What services do your customers most frequently use?
  • When’s your customer’s birthday?

Just by having this information, you can really tailor your messaging to give your customers a more personal experience.

4. Mobile-friendly option

With user habits ever-changing and the rise of a mobile-first society, it is vital that businesses can have mobile-friendly marketing strategies.

SMS campaigns can play a key role in this and allow brands to raise brand exposure and more seamlessly integrate into customer’s everyday lives.

5. Gain Valuable Customer Feedback

All marketers recognise the value in collecting ongoing customer feedback to identify what is working well and what areas perhaps need improvement. Collecting feedback also portrays to customers that you appreciate their opinions and respect what they have to say about your business.

Despite many eCommerce businesses claiming that they have a customer-centric approach, there are not so many who carry through and deliver experiences which align to customer views.

SMS is a great channel to get feedback from your customers via surveys. Research shows that on average 31% of consumers will respond to a survey via SMS with the average response time for users being just over 5 minutes. This means you can get great results in a short period of time.

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