28 June 2018

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Do You Need A Rebrand?

The aging process is inevitable, and we don’t just mean for us mere mortals. Just like we all need a little TLC at times, so does your brand. With new technologies, changes in consumer habits and an increase in competition, it can only be expected that at some point, your business will need a rebrand. We don’t know exactly when, but we can tell you the signs to look out for when your business needs a rebrand.


Taking Off In A New Direction

When you started your business, you would have set initial goals for where you saw your business going, but what happens when you reach those goals? Or circumstances change? If your goal has changed, or you’ve set a new one to meet, you’ll most likely need a rebrand. Think about what you are selling – if this changes, so will your marketing strategy. Your service or your products are the key to how your brand is represented, so be sure to evolve your brand as your goals change so that your customers know exactly what it is you are selling.


What Goes Into A Name?

Netflix. The name tells you all you need to know about the service they provide. We’re not saying your name has to be as obvious as that, but it is so important that it means something, is catchy and fits well within the industry you are in. It’s possible you might decide that the name you started with doesn’t fit who you are as a business anymore – with this being the case, it’s important you transition into a new name correctly. You don’t want to lose the customers you have already gained, so it’s essential you seek out the advice of a digital agency to come with a rebranding strategy that will take all the good bits with you and leave the bad stuff behind.


Logos and Iconography

When you think of Twitter, what iconography comes to mind? It’s likely to be that bright blue bird that signifies a tweet in the simplest way possible. The colours, your logo and your iconography are all identifiers of your brand and should be relevant representations of who you are and what you stand for. It might come to a point in your business’s journey that your logo needs an update as it no longer signifies who you are, which is where focus groups can make you understand exactly what feeling your current logo evokes in your customers. Do your research and if it’s not getting across the right message, it’s time you think about a change. You should be conducting these focus groups on an annual basis, at a minimum, so you are constantly aware of how your customers see you.


Develop Your Online Persona

We’ve all seen those funny comebacks on Twitter by big brands. Innocent Drinks are a great example of how a brand has developed a quirky and fun personality through their social media profiles. Regardless of where you are in your journey, a rebrand can simply mean adjusting your social media strategy by developing your online persona. You can do this for free simply with the content you put out there. There’s no value in shying away, give your brand some personality and people will remember you. If you’re still putting out bland, boring, robotic style content – why?! People want to see that you have a human side, as well as being professional. Have fun with your content and give your brand some character.



A rebrand doesn’t necessarily means a complete overhaul, but regardless of the direction you feel your brand needs to take, make sure you conduct plenty of research beforehand to pin down exactly what you think is going wrong. Work alongside your creative agency to develop a new strategy for your rebranding process and get it done right. Just remember, a rebrand can take time and money, so make sure whatever you decide will stand the test of time.


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