12 April 2018

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Do You Really Need Ongoing Web Maintenance?

Everyone dislikes paying bills. We all would rather spend our money on physical items or experiences than see it disappear from our bank accounts, with seemingly nothing to show for it. The thing is, we all know paying bills and taxes is essential, and while it might not be a ‘fun’ expenditure, they are necessary to ensure we can keep living the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to. Yet, when it comes to businesses, many are still not realising the same benefits that can come with ongoing web support and maintenance.


The web is constantly changing, it’s a living environment that grows and develops, which means it also needs some TLC to keep it running as you expect it to. There’s also more to a website than just what you see, just like the human body has so many different functions hidden underneath our exteriors, so does a website that can easily be attacked with bugs if not looked after.


Updates from third-party applications and operating systems means that a website can easily fall behind the times, which could significantly impact your business. You should never pay a one-off cost for your website design and build, and then expect it to run smoothly for its entire existence without some much-needed maintenance and updates. Just as you pay those monthly bills to ensure your home is with water, gas and electricity, your website demands the same kind of treatment.


We offer many of our clients retainer services after the build and design of their websites. We like to work with our clients for the long term, ensuring their sites are always up-to-date with the latest and very best technologies. If you would like to discuss a web support and maintenance package to suit you and your business, get in contact with us.




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