03 January 2023

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Ecommerce Trends to Look Out for in 2023

New year, fresh start? That’s how it typically goes, right? As we enter January 2023, merchants will be looking ahead and trying to find ways to make their business more profitable this year. With a lot of uncertainty following the Covid-19 pandemic and a cost of living crisis in our midst, there are a lot of reasons why ecommerce businesses will be looking to spend their money more wisely this year. 

Investment in new trends or technologies might not seem like the right solution right now, but as the industry continues to change and develop, retailers won’t want to be left behind. With that in mind, here are some key ecommerce trends to look out for in 2023. 


Mobile Shopping

By now, you won’t be a stranger to mobile shopping, but if you haven’t jumped on this incredibly successful trend by now – why not? With more ecommerce platforms making it even more accessible to set up mobile shopping, there are no excuses left. 

Social shopping is only going to grow further this year too. Facebook already provides native storefronts for businesses, while TikTok continues to rise in popularity and in opportunities as they enable livestream shopping. Things are only going to get better and more seamless as technologies advance and businesses fight to offer the best customer experiences. 



It’s no secret we’re all about promoting sustainability here at 5874 Commerce. Last year, we launched our Conscious Commerce 2.0 whitepaper where we analysed the sustainability efforts of 100 UK merchants. As the environment is rightfully dominating the social discourse in recent years, it’s a topic retailers won’t be able to shy away from.


More and more businesses are being held accountable for their response to the climate crisis. Customers are expecting merchants to step up and show the ways in which they are making more of an effort with their sustainability practices. This includes their packaging, messaging, their working policies and supply chain. Regular audits of processing is incredibly important and will ensure retailers are doing more good and less damage.


Augmented Reality

No, it’s not just a gimmick. Augmented reality is a game-changer for shoppers. Enabling consumers to visualise a brand’s products in their homes or on their person, as well as explore items in 3D, will improve the customer experience and increase conversions.

Not only that but AR can also help reduce the number of returns online retailers receive. By having a more accurate visual of the product, customers are less likely to return the item for not meeting expectations. 


Fulfilment and Shipping

Customers want their order and they want it now. Fast and reliable delivery is now an absolute priority for ecommerce businesses. There is just far too much competition, particularly with that well known next day delivery marketplace, that retailers can’t afford to not be consistent and silent about the delivery process. Customers want to be kept up to date with each stage of fulfilment. 

Successful delivery protocols ensure your customers are kept happy and loyal. Once they abandon you for the ease of another retailer, you’ve likely lost them for good. 

Integrating with the likes of ShipperHQ or ShipStation could help your team manage fulfilment more efficiently. 


What’s Next?

If you’re ready to take on something new in 2023, you can chat to one of our ecommerce experts today. Whether you want to make your website more optimised for mobile or integrate with a new shipping and delivery platform, our team can discuss your goals and help you find a way to get there. 




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