23 July 2020

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5 Best Tips For Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads good for?

Before diving into a list of Facebook Ads Tips, let’s first establish what Facebook Ads are good for. Due to its immense popularity as a social media platform, Facebook has also more recently taken off as a highly favoured advertising platform for businesses looking to promote their unique offerings and products.

Facebook enables you to set up business accounts and seamlessly integrate adverts across potential customers’ Facebook accounts as they scroll through their news feed. Advantages of using Facebook ads include businesses being able to create ads that are personalised for a specific objective and allow for re-marketing with users who have already visited a site.

Facebook ads tips

5 Best Tips For Facebook Ads

Facebook ads tips are always useful, whether you have been running Facebook ads for a while or are brand new to Facebook advertising. With over 2.6 billion active monthly users, it’s safe to say that Facebook is a big part of people’s daily lives, and it is always worth reminding yourself of how to optimise your ads in order to keep ROI as high as you can.

If you want to optimise your facebook ads budget strategy and make sure you are reaching the right customers, then you need to have a full understanding of the platform as well as having a winning strategy in place.

Here are just a few of our best tips for Facebook ads:

1.Writing effective ad copy

Learning how to write effective facebook ad copy is one of the fundamental tasks of optimising facebook ads . Make sure your ad copy is relevant, with compelling action words and encourages customers to complete the ad goal. Another of our best tips for writing facebook ads is to select a call to action (CTA) that is aligned with your brand marketing goals. Facebook offers a variety of CTA buttons including “Buy Now”, “Learn More” and “Sign Up”. Each option encourages users to take a specific action and must be carefully matched to the right type of ad in order to optimising facebook ads and improve click-through rate.

2. Segment your audience

Dividing your audience into segments allows you to adjust your ads depending on the people you are targeting. This enables advertisers to consider factors such as customer interests, location, age etc., optimising facebook ads based on the topic related to the specific ad set. This results in more targeted and purposeful ads which relate and connect with users on a higher or more personal level.

3. Keep your ads fresh

Displaying a single creative repeatedly to a customer can result in a higher CPC and a decrease in interest, which is often referred to as “Ad Fatigue”. In order to eliminate boredom, content needs to remain fresh and the best way to do this is by using different ad variations and rotating through them systematically. This will keep customers engaged and help to keep the CPC down. You also want to ensure you don’t  include too much text in image facebook ads as this can can limit your ad reach.

4. Test your ads

Facebook split test ads give you valuable insight into what features of your ads are working well and which features are perhaps restricting them from reaching optimum performance. For instance, A/B testing can reveal how different approaches to your ads can result in varying performance. You could test features such as image, copy, ad placement, and audience and fine-tune your ads to ensure they are optimised to get the best results.

5. Facebook tracking pixel

Firstly, some of you may be wondering what is a Facebook pixel? The Facebook pixel is a code inputted into your site which is used in order to collect data that helps advertisers to track conversions made through Facebook ads. It is surprising how many businesses forget about Facebook Pixel altogether, but once Facebook pixel setup is complete, you can track your results and see just how well your ads are helping you to achieve your goals.

Using Facebook is a relatively low-cost way for brands to share their offering and it is often surprising how many businesses do not fully utilise the platform effectively. Sadly it is not just a case of setting your Facebook ads and then leaving them to do their thing unmanaged. Whilst you can just leave Facebook to do the work, it is best practice to regularly check on your ad performance and continually evaluate the results and implement strategies to improve them.

 Facebook ads tips 2020

Did you find these facebook ads tips useful but need help implementing them? If you are looking to set up Facebook ads, or are finding your current ads are not performing to their highest potential – then we’d love to help you out! Contact our team of expert digital marketers and eCommerce specialists by calling 0121 369 5874 or emailing success@5874commerce.com.




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