27 April 2023

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How To Have A Successful eCommerce UX

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Getting visitors to click on your website is the goal right? Sure, but the main issue is keeping them there long enough for them to make a purchase.


Making the user experience on your eCommerce site as enjoyable and straightforward as you can is crucial to eCommerce success. 


How is this possible? Continue reading to learn some advice on how a great online user experience can boost the performance of your eCommerce website.


What is User Experience (UX)?

UX design covers a vast array of areas. The overall process involves producing a product that is relevant and meaningful to users. The process of UX design is far from simple, and the focus isn’t just on usability as most people think; UX also focuses on the motivations of the user and the efficiency and emotions that come from using the website.

You can break UX down into:

  • The user’s motivations for using the product and whether it is right for them
  • The functionality of the product
  • The design of the functionality and whether it is aesthetically pleasing


Why is UX so Important?

If you couldn’t tell already, UX is an essential part of any website. To put it another way, think of a website as the equivalent of a customer entering your establishment; if they can’t find what they’re looking for, get lost, or can’t get in touch with anyone, they’ll leave and probably never return. Understanding your user and how they navigate your website is crucial for this reason. They should be able to complete a task within a few clicks and should quickly be able to understand how to use and navigate your site.


Organise Visual Content


A user-friendly, logical, and easy-to-navigate eCommerce store increases the likelihood that consumers will return. Thus, it is advantageous to incorporate personalisation and optimisation into your online business. This ensures a second purchase as well as a greater conversion rate (repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones).


It goes without saying that a great user experience in eCommerce encourages conversions and converts users into devoted customers.


When incorporating a wonderful user experience into your website, keep the following in mind:


  • Choosing colours that are in line with the brand’s image 
  • The website’s theme should be relevant to the brand
  • The graphic structure should highlight the primary points of interaction
  • Beautiful aesthetics and a non-obtrusive layout


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Accessibility and Navigation

Easing accessibility for consumers through features such as search bars may not be necessary for eCommerce sites that sell a small number of products, but as the number of products offered grows, search becomes a crucial tool for helping buyers identify things that fit their specific requirements. Adhesive search bars guarantee that the search is accessible on all pages. Customer satisfaction also depends on ensuring that consumers can easily browse through all pages, such as through a navigation bar.


Deals and Promotions

Customers have certain products in mind when they visit eCommerce websites. Deals and promotions are overlooked when they are incorporated onto homepages. Bright colours, big lettering, and full-page images are used with a call-to-action.

If a sale is only secondary in importance, it should be visible, but not at the expense of the homepage’s main selling point. There’s no harm in drawing attention to a promotion if that’s what customers need to know most.


Here are a few more important tips on how to make your eCommerce site a booming success:


  • Design clear and bold “Add to Cart” buttons
  • Consider a guest checkout
  • Boost trust with security badges, login security and customer support
  • Add product reviews to display users’ happiness with their consumer journey on your site.


Everyone wants a stunning and alluring website, but if usability is sacrificed to follow your aesthetic whims, it won’t succeed. User experience (UX) is commonly referred to as the “heart and soul” of your website. Since UX’s primary objective is to appeal to a user’s needs and emotions to influence their attitude and behaviour towards a product or service. See how we won the User Experience & Design Award at BigCommerce‘s EMEA Partner Award Ceremony by reading our Peter Christian Case Study!

If you’re looking to make your website a UX success, our team of UX designers and web developers would be happy to get your project started. Get in touch with us here for more information.




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