26 July 2018

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How To Step Up Your Small Business

You may be small, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. We get it, in a saturated market and with new businesses popping up all the time, how do you expect yours to stand out? It’s not easy to grow a business in this current economic climate where even bigger businesses are starting to fall short at the hurdle of economic uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for small businesses to still succeed. All you need is the right know-how and determination to be able to push your business further.


Make Sure You Are Seen

Your digital presence is a large portion of how your brand is seen by others. Your website and social media accounts are often the first things a potential customer or client will see and should therefore be a good reflection of who you are and what you do. Make sure you post frequently, share content and allow your customers to interact with you. Having an online presence not only builds trust, but will also enhance brand recognition, increasing customer retention, which is exactly what you need to beat the competition.


Pay Attention To Your Yield

A lot of small businesses make the mistake of investing too much time in promoting ‘bestsellers’ when the reality is, these products may not even make you that much profit. You should be focusing on the products/services with the biggest yield, in terms of how much you put in vs how much you get back. The more you sell this product/service, the faster your business will grow. Make sure you’re investing your time and money in the right areas.

Reliability and Service

Word of mouth is such a big part of selling a service or a product, and can be a monumental factor in growing a small business. A big part of the ‘shop local’ movement is not just in helping out small businesses, but also because customers know that in doing so they will receive great customer service, authenticity and reliability – something that often isn’t the case with bigger brands. Make sure you emphasise these factors when promoting your business and ensure you follow through with them to increase brand loyalty. In other words, don’t make promises you can’t keep.


Find Your Niche

Standing out is key. What makes you different? Is it product quality? Customer service? Value for money? As with the above point on emphasising reliability and service, you should look to find your niche and make a point of it. Don’t blend in with the crowd. Whatever it is you can offer, make sure you shout about it.


Seek Assistance

All big brands started somewhere, but chances are, they had help. This is where seeking assistance from a digital eCommerce agency can help you to make the right decisions and develop your digital marketing strategy so that it fits alongside your goals. There’s no harm in seeking advice, and it can only benefit you in the long term as your business grows and there are new obstacles to face.

If you’re a small business looking to hire a creative agency to help you grow, or if you’re a larger business looking for more support, get in touch here.




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