15 January 2021

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5 top tips to improve your marketing automation

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a process that eliminates the responsibility of carrying out repetitive tasks. This allows marketers to focus on bigger business goals and pay more attention to contacts in the sales funnel. Advanced and powerful automation software helps create unique customer journeys, saving time and money. This also helps to boost ROI and customer loyalty. Marketing automation also enables businesses to market their products effectively across multiple channels simultaneously.

Looking to better understand your customers? Marketing Automation could well be the solution.

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation tools enable you to track collected data and make actionable insights to target your customers in the right way, and at the right time.

Marketing automation strategies for sustaining success

Personalisation in email marketing – The last thing you want your communication to be is robotic. Consumers respond better to a ‘Human Touch’ and feel more comfortable when they are considered and valued by a real person. Nurturing your leads and understanding their personal needs is crucial in making sure you can target them more effectively.

Build your list organically – There is always a temptation to buy a list, but you must remember, that quality of quantity applies here.

There’s no point in having a huge list of contacts that aren’t interested in what you’re selling. Using inbound and outbound strategies and raising brand awareness are the best ways to build a list of quality leads. This way you can obtain customers who want to engage with your business.

Segment your contacts – Brands have quickly realised the benefit of tailoring content to specific users. Splitting your contact list into different groups is known as ‘segmenting’. This is usually done based on your contacts’ attributes and behavior.

You can segment any number of times to drill down into your customers’ habits. Once this is complete, you can refine your messaging to suit each particular group more

Test Test Test! – It’s unlikely you’ll get your approach right the first time.  Split testing or A/B testing is a great way to see what works best for your customers. Split testing allows you to send out 2 different versions of your communication e.g email/SMS and monitor the performance.

If you’re noticing certain email marketing automation campaigns aren’t performing as well as you’d like, it’s time to make some changes. Experimenting with subject lines, layouts, images, and offers can help you understand what performs well and what doesn’t, and build your strategy from there.

Develop an enriched retargeting strategy – Retargeting is part of a longer-term marketing strategy. Retargeting your customers is a great way to re-engage them with your brand.

Customised communication can be tailor-made and triggered based on a specific event, date, or even customer interaction. For example, emailing a customer that has abandoned their cart. This intelligent style of communication pushes your brand as authentic, thoughtful, and helps you resonate with your customers.


Marketing automation platforms

Having a streamlined marketing automation strategy can help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing. Dotdigital is an industry-leading omnichannel marketing platform.  You can import & segment data, create relevant messaging, automate campaigns, and use analytics to report on successes, all from within their Engagement Cloud solution. As an omnichannel technology, dotdigital enables you to connect with customers across multiple channels and touchpoints, such as SMS, email, and chat.

It’s undeniable that automation can only bring positive outcomes for your business. We’re partnered with the best technology in the industry and can help get you set up and building your strategy.

5874 Commerce is proud to be a dotdigital certified agency partner, meaning we have the expertise to offer exceptional support and implement best-in-class solutions for our clients.

Why wait? Our digital marketing experts can take your automated campaigns to the next level – just get in touch today! Email success@5874commerce.com or call 0121 369 5874 to speak to one of our talented team members.




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