29 August 2019

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Improving Your Readability Score Across Your Content

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that you need to be writing good, quality content to improve your SEO and increase visitors to your website, but ‘quality’ can be defined in many different ways and it’s really not about just cramming hundreds of keywords into a blog post the size of a novel.

Content comes in many different forms and as soon as you realise this, you’ll be able to adapt your text across your website to make it more readable.


Get To The Point

Let’s face it, when you browse a website, you seek out the information you need by skimming over the rest. If your visitors are having to scour page after page on your website to find what they were looking for, you’re not doing your job correctly. 

The first sentence is the most important thing on any webpage. It should be enough summary so the visitor knows if they should even bother checking out the rest of the page. Add a relevant image and keep that opening text short; bulky text will instantly drive your visitors away. 


Don’t Give Everything Away

Summarise but don’t give away all your secrets. Your opening text should have just enough grip to keep your visitors intrigued so they are happy to keep scrolling through your website. 


Short And Sweet



Be Relatable

Don’t try to over-do it by attempting to sound fancier than you are. Be persuasive and keep things simple. Readers like to skim-read to save time, they don’t want to have to Google what ‘circumlocution’ means because you had too much fun with your thesaurus.



Talk To Your Audience

When writing content for your site, ensure it reflects you and your audience well. Talk directly to them. Using words like ‘you’ and ‘we’ helps to build a connection between you and the reader, establishing trust early on in the game.


Break It Up

Play around with images, font sizes, headings and bullet points. Make the presentation of your content easy to read and digest. Having clearly defined paragraphs are easy milestones for the reader to reach. It also helps them to navigate to the part that interests them the most. Yes, people don’t read every single word you write.



Make your CTA’s clear. It should be obvious what every single page’s purpose is and where your visitors should go next. 


There can be quite a lot to think about when creating great, quality and readable content for your website, which is why we often suggest hiring a copywriter to take the worry away for you. Our specialist content writers know exactly how to put together creative and fully-optimised content for your website – get in touch by contacting us here.




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