August 08 2019

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Klarna & BigCommerce: A Global Partnership

Last month, leading eCommerce platform BigCommerce announced it would now be offering Klarna’s payment options to its European merchants.

The partnership between BigCommerce and Klarna actually began in 2016 for the platform’s US businesses, but this expansion to include Klarna’s European core markets will be a welcome addition for customers and merchants alike.


What is Klarna?

Used by over 130,000 stores and 60 million customers globally, Klarna is a leading payments provider and licensed bank that provides customers with more payment flexibility. An extremely popular alternative finance option, Klarna provides customers with different payment choices such as Pay Later or Slice It.


Credit: Klarna

Secure & Protected

Klarna works because it provides customers with an easy access to credit, while businesses get paid upfront so they don’t have to worry about payments further down the line. Klarna removes all the risks for businesses by assuming total responsibility for every transaction.

Sound risky? 

Klarna ensures all customers are protected too and are covered by the buyer’s protection policy as well as being fully protected from fraud and credit risk. Every customer is also instantly credit-checked through a pre-authorisation process which provides a decision in seconds so there’s nothing holding your customers back from exploring different payment options.


Why Should I Integrate Klarna Into My BigCommerce Store?

Not totally convinced? We admit that it sounds too good to be true, but it really does work.

Enabling your customers more purchasing power is likely to increase checkout conversions and your average order value. Think about checkout abandonment and how many customers see the total price of all the items in their basket and back out because payday hasn’t arrived yet. It happens, probably more often that you think. Flexible payment options will enhance your customers’ overall shopping experience and make them feel better about the purchases they make. 

Online stores will want to keep on top of their customer demands if they want to have a more powerful presence and increase customer satisfaction. Klarna is the key to this.


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