28 February 2022

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Maintaining Great UX All the Way to a Customer’s Doorstep

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From the moment you click “buy” to the very last stage where your local courier hands over your parcels of goods, the process of providing a smooth and simple online experience is essential. User experience is the pinnacle to keeping your consumers happy. Get it right and it will lead to an increase in consumer sales and loyalty – but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t just end when that customer hits “checkout”.

Let’s dive further into ways of keeping the consumer journey consistent from the moment they decide to purchase.

Checkout Process

Picture this: a potential customer lands on your product page, adds an item to their cart, proceeds to the checkout page … and leaves without buying. It’s a tale we all know too well. 

Cart abandonment can be brutal, which is why it’s essential to make the checkout process/timeline as smooth as possible. By utilising features such as a one-click procedure, which our partners Fast supply, you will enable users to checkout within seconds. This ultimately increases your chance of conversions, sales revenue and overall customer satisfaction.

Another way of simplifying the checkout process for your eCommerce store would be to reduce the amount of form fields. This reduces customer frustration and encourages a positive checkout process.


A variety of payment options just makes sense for any online business. Offering multiple payment options maximises conversion and enhances the UX for checkout. If you set up a range of payment options, you will encourage a wider demographic of shoppers to purchase from you – not to mention the desirability to return to your site.


Ensuring a smooth pre-shipping process allows your audience to build trust, and you are able to organise your shipping affairs effectively.

At 5874, we integrate best-in-class shipping systems, such as our partner ShipperHQ, into our clients’ websites. You can take full advantage of their platform and build a pre-purchase shipping strategy that aligns with the way you run your business. The results? A fully controlled procedure for your checkout experience.


Benefits From Integrating ShipperHQ Into Your User Experience

  • Upfront with realistic delivery dates
  • Charge the correct fees (based on distance)
  • Easier to manage all your carriers in one place
  • Includes discounts and promotions that involve delivery scenarios
  • Improve your shipping margins by automating how packages are selected for orders


Delivery and Communication

Have you ever tracked your order right after you’ve purchased? You’re not the only one! Communication via updates throughout the delivery process is necessary for building trust and loyalty. 

If a parcel takes a while to arrive to your consumer, allow them to follow the parcel’s journey. For example, when it arrives at shipment or when placed at their local courier. Above all else, sending a confirmation email notifying consumers when and where the parcel has been delivered is most valuable. In the end, the customer is satisfied with their shopping experience and they receive their product as promised.


What’s Next For Your User Experience?

User experience can truly make a difference to your eCommerce business. It is vital every step of the way through and shouldn’t be forgotten just because the customer has already checked out…

Starting to double guess your own UX? Well look no further…

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