17 January 2019

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Meet the Team: Josh Barber

Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series is Digital Specialist, Josh Barber. Our go-to guy for SEO, Google-based queries and anything techy! To put it simply, he’s our office polymath! Find out more about Josh, below.



As the Digital Specialist, I manage our client’s Google and Facebook ad accounts and SEO strategy, to ensure they are getting the best results on the platforms that suit them best.



I worked at an SEO agency where I started as a Digital Marketing Apprentice gaining an in-depth knowledge of SEO and Google Ads. I started managing my first account two weeks into the apprenticeship, becoming the agency’s youngest account manager. After completing my apprenticeship and becoming fully Google Ads certified in the process, the agency took me on. At the end of my time at the agency, I was managing SEO strategy for over 70 clients including SDL Group, Holiday Inn and Jewellery Maker.




I think it started back when I got my first Google Phone, the Google Nexus 5. I think the interest just spiralled from that point.  I watch Google I/O every year, am subscribed to every Alphabet product blog and social media, watch countless hours of documentaries and talks, and I have quite a collection of merchandise. Some people follow sports teams, I follow one of the biggest companies in the world.



It would have to be ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ by the Arctic Monkeys, but I’ve been playing the first pressing of Eric Clapton ‘Unplugged’ a lot recently.



I just want to keep learning, improving myself and at some point, I think I would really enjoy managing a marketing team.



I’ve learnt quite a lot all in all. I think the most would be around Facebook ad management, strategy and creation.



It would be the amazing team we have here that brings the best out in everyone. I’ve learnt so much from everyone at 58.



That’s such a hard question for me, I think at the moment it would be between Ketal One Vodka and Nikka Coffey Gin.



Google Assistant – most of my life currently runs on it.




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