27 September 2018

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Meet the Team: Lucy Brown

In this next edition of ‘Meet the Team’, we talk to 5874’s longest-standing team member (bar Rupert and Richard, of course) – Digital Designer, Lucy Brown! The rest of the team, as well as our clients, will tell you how hardworking our lovely Lucy is. She’s talented, caring and has a penchant for gin! Find out more about Miss Brown below!


Probably the most noticeable thing for me is how many people we have now. When I first started there was just me, Rupert, Richard and another employee called Mike, so from that to now is very different!



Before I started here, I was in University studying Interactive Digital Media, which was basically a mix of design, video, graphics and web development. I had about a year between leaving University and starting here so I had a full-time job at a jewellers before I had my interview with 5874 – and luckily got the job!



I always wanted to do something creative, when I left Sixth Form to go to University, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew it would be something in design, so I chose my course as it had a bit of everything in it, and I eventually decided on graphic design/web development as what I wanted to go into properly.



The web design process is one that most of us who design websites in the office use. It usually begins with a meeting with the client, who will explain to us what direction they go in and we ask for a list of likes and dislikes from other sites they’ve seen. We then use Sketch to mock up a website design for them and we will repeat this process until they’re happy. The design is then sent to the developer assigned the site, which is sometimes me, and the site is checked regularly with the client until it’s signed off.




There are lots of great things about working here, one of them is how supported I’ve always felt to try and explore new things with my work. I’ve always felt valued and I think we have a great balance of people in the office who work well together and have some very good friends here!



No set plans as of yet, but one thing I would love to do is see the Northern Lights in Iceland, so that could be an idea for part of it!



Out of context, this will sounds very strange. But one of my favourites is My Dad Wrote A Porno! It’s a comedy podcast based on a book one of the hosts’ dad has written, it’s a very cringy but funny one. Another favourite is Fearne Cotton’s Happy, it’s a very relaxing and heartwarming podcast to listen to.



It would have to be a mix between Bombay Sapphire and Gordon’s Pink Gin!




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