03 July 2017

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Multilanguage, Multicurrency Bigcommerce – Sell Globally

The pinnacle that most eCommerce businesses aim for is being able to reach shoppers around the globe with their products, but not every eCommerce platform gives you the flexibility and the tools needed to do this. With an open and unrestricted API, BigCommerce allows you to easily integrate with a PIMS system, such as Linnworks so that you can run multiple stores in multiple languages and currencies.

BigCommerce can easily integrate with global payment providers, such as Stripe and PayPal powered by Braintree, to allow you to complete transactions in any currency. There is no extra charge for using the payment gateway of your choice, as opposed to other eCommerce platforms. With its built-in calculator, BigCommerce can configure taxes for nearly any country, as well as shipping globally to over 150 countries thanks to its quick integration with popular shipping providers.

BigCommerce can’t do it all on its own, however, with a fulfilment service needed to sell globally across multiple stores – but it does provide the freedom for easy integration. Through a PIMS system like Linnworks, you can easily upload your inventory in bulk and create single and variation listings to your various selling channels. This makes it easier when selling globally to be able to list one product with different names/prices in various stores and marketplaces. The one-click integrations with Bigcommerce API is what makes all of this possible and is a much simpler process when compared to other eCommerce platforms.

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