26 November 2020

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Partner Profile – Attraqt


Used by over 300 retailers, Attraqt is an enterprise solution for eCommerce platforms allowing merchants to map together personalisation, site search and merchandising. Using smart data, Attraqt gives retailers an opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of what their customers expect to see during their shopping journey and are able to empower a richer and more tailored experience for shoppers.

Why choose Attraqt?

Intelligent Search – Attraqt uses a highly intelligent search system that allows merchants to ensure all customers’ search queries are matched with the most relevant result, even when customers make mistakes in their search query. The chance of a search being matched with zero or low search results is minimized with Attraqt and enables merchants to keep the conversation going with their customers.

Intuitive Navigation – Optimising the site navigation system in order to successfully guide customers through every step of the buying journey. Examples include implementing a category structure that makes sense for shoppers, customising facets/filters and using specific locations in the store whereby content can be tailored to them based on shopper intent. A smoother and more seamless user journey will help drive sales.

Personalised Recommendations – Using smart data, Attraqt is able to work out customer intent and recommend products which then presents product recommendations based on previous and existing choices of items that are of interest to customers. This will cover items that are visually similar, complementary to existing items, or help to complete a particular look.

Merchandising – Helping merchants to enhance their consumers shopping experience by giving them advanced visual merchandising capabilities. For instance, prioritizing what products get shown to consumers based on stock levels to improve chance of conversion and prevent consumer disappointment when products are not available.

Internationalization – Merchants operating their eCommerce sites in more than one country are often presented with a number of challenges. Attraqt can help support this by offering features such as localized merchandising by site, meaning sites in different locations can reflect the particular needs of the shoppers in that location.

Choosing a Attraqt Partner

Attraqt is a best-in-class tool helping a huge number of merchants to drive sales and add value to their customers’ online shopping experience.

Attraqt integrates seamlessly into a wide range of eCommerce platforms. As eCommerce specialists, 5874 are experienced Attraqt partners and can get you set up using the tool. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com for more information.




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