27 May 2021

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Partner Profile – Commercetools

Introduction to Commercetools

Commercetools is a highly scalable next-generation commerce platform. The cloud-native infrastructure increases flexibility and customisation for omnichannel retailers.

With a flexible eCommerce API at its core, commercetools has the ability to connect with frontend and backend applications across the entire digital ecosystem.

Commercetools: Top 5 Features

Modular Architecture – The modular architecture gives merchants the ability to dynamically modify their brand experiences and create highly personalised solutions. This allows merchants to focus on their specific business needs and create a seamless digital experience when they engage with their customers.

Headless, Cloud-Native Platform – The frontend and backend functionality can be controlled independently. This SaaS model is lightweight, flexible, secure, and built to scale. This cloud-based infrastructure also improves security.

Flexible API – Merchant’s can also integrate 3rd-party into their microservices architecture simply and effectively. A flexible API allows for versatility in projects and adaptability to many scenarios.

Merchant Centre – Process, handle and analyse all your data accurately and effectively within the Commercetools merchant centre. Here, merchants can manage product data, orders, and customer data for all retail channels simultaneously. All customer data and store and channel management can also be accessed via the merchant centre.

Product Information Management (PIM) – The commercetools PIM enables merchants to manage a huge amount of data from one centralised location. The interface is both user-friendly and intuitive, optimised for ease of use by UX experts. The type of product data managed here include:

  • Products, product types & attributes
  • Product variants & options
  • Categories
  • Images
  • Inventory management
  • Pricing

5874 Commerce: Commercetools Partner

Commercetools is a best-in-class platform that creates flexible commerce solutions and inspiring digital shopping experiences for enterprise businesses.

5874 Commerce is a global commerce agency and are experienced commercetools partners. If commercetools sounds like the right match for you, then why not get in touch with our team of friendly experts today!

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