11 December 2023

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The Women’s Domain: Community, Collaboration, Connection

The Women’s Domain campaign was started as a way to uplift women in ecommerce, shining a light on the injustices and inequalities they face but also the successes that often go overlooked. Our in-person events are one of the ways that we can open up the dialogue surrounding women in ecommerce and create a space where their voices can be heard and celebrated. Our most recent event focused on the impact that women have had on the rise of Social Commerce, which has become a transformative force within the industry and across the digital landscape.


The event was intimate and welcoming, taking place against the backdrop of the beautiful Allbright Mayfair Club in London. This particular event was open to both men and women, with the intention of involving men in the conversation and encouraging openness and collaboration. The night consisted of relaxed networking and an insightful panel discussion moderated by 5874 Commerce’s Marketing Director, Sara Russell. The panel featured inspiring women in the ecommerce industry and was made up of Amanda McCourt (Pantee), Laurina Scott (Skinnydip), Rita Harnett (Wavemaker Global), Hannah Walker (Reddit) and Joanna Thomas (Nosto). 

Here’s some of the topics that were covered and the key takeaways:


  • Women have always been natural community builders, and social commerce provides them with a virtual platform to create inclusive and supportive communities that drive collective success. 
  • Conversions are hugely important in ecommerce, but building and nurturing a community is how you really drive brand loyalty and organic growth.


  • With a natural inclination towards listening and collaborating, women have excelled in leveraging social media for driving business growth. They are trailblazers in engaging with audiences and driving sales. 


  • Through authentic connection, women wield significant influence over consumer behaviour and have the ability to shape purchasing decisions through product recommendations, reviews, and personal endorsements.

(If you want to learn more about the impact women have had on social commerce, check out our blog ‘Unleashing the Power of Women in Social Commerce: Redefining Success’.)

Sara had this to say following the event:

“Last night was definitely a highlight, both professionally and personally. The Women’s Domain has only really just begun but the community is growing every day. 

40 people in a room talking about the role women play in the success of our industry and how when it comes to social commerce, we all need to pay attention to the women who are absolutely smashing it.”

It was truly an inspiring night full of unique insights and meaningful connections made between women and allies. Thanks so much to our sponsors BigCommerce, Barclaycard, Nosto and Klaviyo for their support in making this event possible!

What’s Next

The Women’s Domain campaign and community is growing and thriving with each event, and we’ve got plenty more in store… 

On January 14th 2024, The Women’s Domain will be launching its campaign in the USA with an event in New York City! We’re thrilled to be expanding this community across the pond with an evening of dinner, drinks, relaxed networking and important conversations. To see all the event details and register your interest in attending, check the event page here.

We were also inspired by our recent event to launch a new Whatsapp community so we can continue connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals. The community is open to all and has a confidential, women-only space within it. So, join our community here and get involved!

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