25 October 2022

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The Women’s Domain: Together We Lead

When we started this campaign, we knew we had to be open and honest. At our last event in July, we addressed a vast array of obstacles that face women in the workplace. We put focus on how we can support and guide each other as we climb the career ladder as if that was the norm; as if we all had the backing of female co-workers we could lean on. Yet, we know that’s not everyone’s experience. Female rivalry does exist, whether we like to admit it or not. 

According to a study published in the journal Development and Learning in Organizations, 70% of women executives feel they have been bullied by a female boss and that has inturn impacted their professional growth. 

For our second The Women’s Domain event, we wanted to really emphasise community and build upon our network of amazing working women. We wanted to discuss why female rivalry exists in the first place but also the value of creating amazing work friendships. 


Opening up the Conversation

As always, these events are completely open. With the stunning backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge, The Ivy’s delectable cuisine and free-flowing wine, we had an insightful evening ahead of us. The conversation flowed easily as we discussed the obstacles we faced as women in ecommerce and shared our career stories, aspirations and lifestyles. There was even talk of an uncanny Dawn French impression, but that might have to wait until the next event…

The big topics of discussion were:

  • The childcare juggle
  • Perceptions and expectations of women in the workplace
  • Career paths, goals and aspirations
  • Mentorship – seeking and supporting others
  • Female empowerment
  • Collaboration and friendships
  • Jealousy and workplace rivalry
  • Networking for success


Thank You

A huge thank you to our attendees who showed up to this event in more ways than one. You were all incredibly inspiring and we can’t thank you enough for being so open and honest about your experiences. We hope you’ve made strong connections for life and that we will see you again at our future events!

To our partners and sponsors for this event, BigCommerce and Akeneo – thank you for your ongoing support. Effecting change is a team effort and we couldn’t have done this without you. 



What’s Next?!

Well, we’re not slowing down. We’ve got some great guests lined up for our podcast but be sure to check out our previous episodes for great insights from inspiring women of ecommerce.  You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram – please give us a follow, like or share and join the conversation! There will also be more events, including an extra special celebration next year to mark the 12 month anniversary of this campaign – stay tuned for that one and sign up to our newsletter so you’ll be sure to get an invite!





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