01 May 2017

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Utilising A Content/Marketing Plan

It doesn’t matter whether you work in property or eCommerce, every business needs a marketing plan of sorts. It’s true that the nature of your business might impact the type of plan you create, but it’s important to make sure that you have an outline of promotion for your business, whether that be a full weekly blog, or just having a social media presence.

What does a content/marketing plan look like?

The best way to create this is via a spreadsheet that acts as a diary of events. Whether you organise this daily, weekly or monthly, will again depend on your business and how much marketing you plan on doing.  If you’re an online retailer, a content/marketing plan should be full of blog content, social media campaigns and emails, as well as any other promotional material such as online and printed ads. This plan is essentially going to outline all the content you are putting out in order to attract customers/keep them interested. It may also work for other purposes, such as SEO, but the plan will be a basic guideline for you to follow throughout the year.


The best way to organise the content you are creating is by looking at a calendar and marking down all the special dates throughout the year that will be somehow relevant to your business. These will then be classed as your ‘events’, and you can add other events such as discount days, season changes or anything that will be used to create content. Your plan should also then list the various ways in which that event will be promoted, and how. This includes social media and blog posts surrounding the event. Your marketing plan should be able to easily show you and everyone else in your business what’s happening at any point throughout the year. This will enable you to stay prepared and work ahead, meaning that if an issue does arise, you have time to deal with it.


Of course, creating a content/marketing plan is a highly time-consuming process that needs to be coherent and created by someone who understands marketing strategy. If you’re a smaller business, you might feel like you only have time to produce content on a fortnightly basis, rather than weekly, or even daily, and larger businesses might feel they must recruit someone on-site to deal with a large amount of content put out. Hiring a marketing agency to put together a content plan and strategy is something all businesses should consider, regardless of their size. The marketing agency will ensure the content is produced on time and can manage all campaigns at once, while you are free to deal with other aspects of the business.


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